Let's Collaborate

Link arms with our growing community and company and you will be adding joy to the world while earning money.

Monthly commissions, Business Mastermind, Y.O.U. collaborations

I bet you have a heart to heal, help and inspire the world. Most of my friends do. I do too.

When creating this school I had a vision and it was all about community. To share one another's work, to all prosper to have raving fans and inspire the world to LOVE more.

Honestly at first in 2014 I knew it would be important but I did not know exactly how. Eventually, my colgues began organizing classes inside the YOU Matter - school of mastery. Then the daily LOVE, YOU letters began and members began showing up.

More and more I get thank you card about how amazing the letters are, showing up with the right message at the perfect time - like God sent it.  Since anyone can start at anytime an the letters all 365+ of them I wrote a while ago.  I KNOW this is a God thing.

There are 3 levels that you can collaborate - for your ease. Everyone shares - but you can choose if you'd like to participate more behind the scenes here at Y.O.U. or not.

Once your application is approved and as long as you continue to share you will continue to earn. It's pretty exciting to earn a living by spreading love (literally).

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