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Our coaches are all run their own private coaching businesses, we have screened them to assure you they are the best of the best ready to support you, living your best!

YOU Matter School of Mastery Premier Coaches

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Rick Sheninger

Rick Sheninger helps you to stand out.  He is a marketing specialist with a focus to build relationships.  His classes at Your Own University talk about marketing, using your voice and strategy to get your message out.



Hi, I am Alexandra I spend my time teaching you how to make the most with your money, while living in beautiful Canada.  I have always wanted to help people grow financially in their lives. I am a property owner and landlord and a licensed financial advisor. I have a teaching background, with a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. I always love to help and inspire people. I'm a world traveler, author and dog owner. I believe each us has gifts to share with each other and the world and having enough money to do the things you desire to do, is a key element to sharing your gifts. Discover more at:  http://www.yougrowrich.com


Y.O.U. Preferred coaches helping you live your purpose.

Line Brunet

Line Brunet has been a Master Life Coach and Radio/Podcast Host & Consultant since 2009 as well as a student of Tony Robbins' RMT Institute for Strategic Intervention since 2012. She's driven to help people find both their inner and outer voice so they can master who they are with confidence and conviction in life, love, business and beyond. Line's primary focus has been online radio having launched CRAVE radio network in January 2015 and then becoming a co-owner/CEO of Bold Radio Station where she trained and mentored those looking to start their own radio show or podcast in order to expand their reach and effectively broadcast their message. Line is recognized as a passionate connector of people and an expert at instigating action and cultivating quick results. www.linebrunet.com

Donna Mazzitelli

Donna Mazzitelli is “The Word Heartiste.” She believes that in addition to a good editor and writing coach, writers need someone who uses their heart and intuition.

Donna has helped dozens of men and women connect with their core voice and express their writing with clarity and genuineness. Her gentle, clear guidance and non-judgmental approach allow people to navigate the places and spaces that can sometimes be difficult to explore. She helps you dig deep so your readership will connect with YOU, your stories, and the information you wish to share.

Whether you need help transferring your thoughts onto paper, a partner to co-author, a ghost writer, or another pair of eyes to review your writing, Donna will support you to bring your written words to life through Writing With Donna.

Donna has also begun Merry Dissonance Press—a book producer/indie publisher of works of transformation, inspiration, exploration and illumination. Find out more about Donna at: http://www.writingwithdonna.com/

Laura Brzegowy

Laura is an internationally known "color whisperer". Classically trained in color theory, but firmly entrenched in the way it makes us feel, Laura knows how to skillfully guide you to the colors you'll be inspired by, day in and day out. As a color expert, and compassionate mentor, Laura will show you the importance of being surrounded by the colors you love, and guide you to a color scheme uniquely created for you. Laura loves sharing her color knowledge and looks forward to surrounding you with the colors that you love and thrive by!  inpursuitofcolor.wordpress.com

Maxwell Ivey

Totally blind son of carnival owners who transitioned into helping people sell their equipment after the early death of his father forced the closure of the family's small carnival. while promoting that business I discovered my work online was inspiring others and decided to start a site to share my experiences as a blind entrepreneur offer coaching and public speaking and eventually write my first ebook a motivational one called leading you out of the darkness into the light a blind man's inspirational guide to success. Working on a second book and have created an online course to help others use radio shows to promote their brand. always open to new opportunities and rarely feel fear. looking to be the man to help people achieve their big goals and dreams. theblindblogger.net

Katie Gorey

Katie Gorey is a Adventure Coach and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who inspires women to step into their dreams, live life like they mean it and empowering them to bring in more travel, fun and purpose. After losing her husband Nathan to cancer at the age of 26 with a young baby, she decided to not let anything hold her back on living life to the max and created her life full of health, passion, purpose and of course Adventure. She knows life is way too short to not be living everyday like it’s a HOLIDAY and now coaches others to do the same. She is the founder of KatieGorey.com and Live Like You Mean It Coaching Program. Kate has a jetsetting lifestyle around Australia with her partner Dean and 4 year old daughter Madison. They are currently calling Albury, New South Wales their
home. You can connect with her on:

Email: kate@katiegorey.com


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