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True Connection

Dr. Sunil Sherma

End stress and feel complete. How to spiritually connect.

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Dr. Kimberly Marooney

Communicate with your Angels. Angelology 101

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Rick Sheninger

Reach your audience with one to one marketing.

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YOU Matter

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YOU Matter

YOU Matter

You're in the right place.

Have you lost yourself - maybe you are one of the 1 in 3 women or 1 in 4 men that survived trauma and are still "trying" to cope with the affects.

You are not alone and I believe you are here to find yourself again. Am I right? Find out who you are NOW and what makes you, you. So you can confidently create a life that feels amazing and end the cycle of survival and thrive!

You've been nudged and its time to reconnect, redefine and rediscover ALL of YOU! Here is where you can start that journey back. Imagine feeling like yourself again.

Y.O.U. is your school for self mastery, through the YOU Matter - school of mastery, a "club" where you will find the latest tools to end the pain.  You will feel great in your skin, harness your miracle mind, manifest like the goddess you know you are and connect with your unique purpose. All while joining a community of soul sisters!

Start today by taking our 6 day YOU Matter challenge - let's get to know one another.

(The man's side of Y.O.U. is in the works - men YOU Matter to us too.)

Ways to Love, you that you may not be aware of.

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Rock Your Genius

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“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

It's not easy DOing it all... when you forget to put you first.

You are successful, driven and yet, someplace in the midst of it all, you lost yourself.

Many of our clients are leaders in their field, mothers and top entrepreneurs - who woke up one day just like you and asked themselves "What am I doing all this for."


Do you set good intentions to put yourself first? Then the computer is buzzing in the morning, you answer one email and 4 hours later, realize that you have yet to eat breakfast?

Or you get triggered by some old crap and it throws you off course?

Are you stressed about what everyone else is doing?

When was the last time you focused on YOU WITHOUT trying to fix or resolve something?

Have you caught yourself looking at other women's post or outside lives and wishing your life could be different...only if?

Here at Your Own University we intend to help you HAVE IT ALL.  When we say have it ALL we mean have all your power, your joy, your energy and YES your success.

To learn how to live AS IF, you had a happy childhood and that wonderful life.

It is all about balance, ending the struggle and rebooting your true power.

As a member of the Y.O.U. online community you will get monthly workshops and daily inspiration to take your power back, refocus and discover the life hacks it takes to drop the overwhelm and keep the results.