Become a trauma transformation coach

Master the Art of Coaching in all 6 personal power zones.

Trauma Coaching  + Business + Lifetime of community.

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Holistic coaching is more than a method it's a mastery.

Nothing Left Behind Coaching Certification

Master coach tools to help your clients balance their whole life.

No matter what specialty you focus on as a coach; to truly help your clients breakthrough and get the results they desire, you will eventually need to master how to help them in the 6 personal power zones.

  • A relationship coach that get's results,  will also need to master mindset and wellness.
  • A wellness coach or fitness coach who's clients rave about them, has mastered the powerful emotions their clients are battling and that what makes them stand out from other coaches. 
  • A business coach will eventually need to be a relationship coach to encourage their clients and help them gain clarity, form partnerships and increase their bottom line. 

Many spend years going through certification track after certification track. This usually will cost you $50,000 at least in the long run.

You don't have to anymore, when you join the Y.O.U. family.

This complete training offers you tools in every personal power zone your client will need to breakthrough in order to get lasting results - and it's all in one place.  

Invest ONCE and save thousands of dollars and hours. 

The outline of this year long exclusive program

Quarter 1 - The Experience

There is no greater teacher than experience.

During the first quarter you will be experiencing your own journey through the Y.O.U. Holistic Coaching method - Amazing You

You will experience holistic coaching first hand.


Most certification programs are group programs or online training's. Focused on teaching you the techniques to coach, and encouraging you to hire (invest more) a personal coach to experience it yourself. NOT HERE!

You will get to go through your own journey of your 6 personal power zones and have many of your own breakthroughs (aligning you for success) over the year training.

With both experience and technique under your belt, you will be confident in the fundamentals and how-to's of coaching. This confidence will enable you to take your clients through their own breakthroughs.

Some of what you will experience and learn -

  • Body Love: how to map our your bodies blueprint, food, movement and cycles so they get lasting results.
  • Mindset: reframing the subconscious, EFT, NLP and journaling for breakthroughs
  • Emotional Harmony - Raising your clients vibe, the 4 layers of emotions, how to use questions to raise your clients up the scale and mastery of manifestation.
  • Soul - The powerful HUGS technique to help your clients connect with their highest self, intuition and empathic nature.
  • Relationships - mastery in personal defining, self-love and care, sex and money
  • Purpose - You will find your purpose and discover how to support your clients to not only choose to honor their calling but give them the tools to leap.  

Quarter 2 - The Technique

Mastering the tools of coaching


You will be amoung some of the best coach's in the country in the Y.O.U. Coaching academy and mastermind. 

As you are mastering the coaching skills of the 6 personal power zones (which happen to be the 6 most popular coaching niche's in the world):

  • Wellness (body)
  • Mindset (Eliminating limiting beliefs)
  • Vibe (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Spiritual (Connection and Intuition)
  • Relationships (personal, love and business)
  • Purpose (Branding, Leveraging and Making Money)

Quarter 3 - Starting Your Business

The Practice - using the tools of coaching


I have watched wonderful coaches and teachers jump from training to training trying to learn it all and they get burnt out or go broke.

I don't want that for anyone and honestly, it's a grip to overcome. But I did it for you :-)! 

When joining Y.O.U. you will get it all for less than $10,000 which is the normal cost of just one training, not including a certification program.

With Y.O.U.  partnered up with world class coaches in the YOU Matter school of mastery to let you have it all...

Apply below - this is both a private and group program (the best of both worlds) 

ICF coaching core methodology.

Defining your niche

Starting your coaching practicum.

Online business basics

Developing your business plan

Mastering manifestation, money 

Pricing and Starting your business

Quarter 4 - Sharing Your Message

Getting Your Message Out

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Unlike many program Y.O.U. continues to support our graduates after they have graduated through our publishing partnership, speaking opportunities and community of international coaches networking with one another to inspire even more people.

During the final quarter of your program, you will be asked to choose at least one of your own programs to develop and create a complete campaign to kick start your business around.  Either a program highlighting your coaching packages and gifts, a book launch or a speaking opportunity utalizing your signature speech.

This program is $12,000 and there is a payment plan for those who are interested. We accept no more than 20 trainees at a time and/or 40 a year so it is important for you to reserve your spot to begin as soon as space is available.

Apply below - this is both a private and group program (the best of both worlds) 

Websites/Landing Pages


List building

Your programs

Writing your Books

Your Signature Speech

How you do ONE thing is HOW you do EVERYTHING.

When you join this training  you will be joining a family.

A family of great coaches who practices what they teach and just like you!

It is an honor to bring you the best of both worlds into one place.

The training and academy is 12 months but that is ONLY the beginning with Y.O.U. You will have a coaching home, to have lasting relationships and form partnerships that last lifetimes.

Antiqua is registered with the ICF as your leading coach

Antiqua is a registered ICF coach and the Your Own University school is in compliance with their standards for registration.  At this time, Y.O.U. is not a partner school, however, we are in the process of becoming one.  Anyone, who does this program now or in the future can apply and will meet their requirements for hours, knowledge and experience.