Y.O.U. Matter - school of mastery teachers and preferred coaches list.

Our coaches are all run their own private coaching businesses, we have screened them to assure you they are the best of the best ready to support you, living your best!

Meet your Y.O.U. School of mastery Premier Coaches.

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Kate Burkett

Kate Burkett is an Inner Beauty Expert. She is on this planet to embody what woman require to truly love and trust themselves, so they can have a life of clarity and freedom. Kate has been on a journey to find her paradise, through battles with her body, the loss of loved ones and travels around the world.

She has found what we need as women to stay healthy and vibrant. Kate's intention is to empower women around the world to step into new found energy, dynamic self confidence and lasting health! She is focused on connecting woman to their physical bodies, emotional wellbeing and spiritual health. Discover her secrets at http://www.kateinparadise.com 

Antiqua Lisha

Antiqua Lisha is the CEO here at Y.O.U. but what you may not know is she is also, a seasoned yoga teacher, diet specialist and emotional eating coach.  As a ERY-T 500 and owner of the Twist Yoga teacher training school since 2006 Antiqua is dedicated to helping you feel comfortable in your skin and confident in maintaining a healthy relationship with your unique needs.  You can find out more about her personally at http://www.AntiquaLisha.com

Y.O.U. Preferred coaches in body love

Renata Petecka-Orr

Renata Petecka-Orr is an experienced health, wellness and beauty expert and the founder and owner of LaDolceVitaNutrition.com. Renata develops personalized strategies for successful executives, professionals and other cool people to lose weight, manage stress, and look and feel fabulous. Renata also is an experienced speaker on the topics of nutrition, wellness, and work/life balance for corporations. - See more at: www.ldvnutrition.com

Kristin Planinz

Kristin Planinz, Licensed Acupuncturist, Intuitive Heart Healer and Women's Empowerment Coach does two things best: She resolves physical pain and body imbalances with acupuncture and Chinese medicine AND she removes emotional and spiritual obstacles in your life that cause stress, perpetuate dysfunctional relationships and create obstinate resistance to desired personal growth.

Kristin believes you can be happy no matter what. Her mission is to relieve physical and emotional pain and empower you to create lasting peace in your life. Her techniques work gently, quickly and effectively to restore balance when you get off course. Kristin works at her clinic in Lampasas, TX and does distance healing and coaching as well. 'I always feel better when I've spent time with Kristin.' -Linda Linder, Lampasas, TX Connect with Kristin at:www.LampasasCenterforHealing.com

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