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Our coaches are all run their own private coaching businesses, we have screened them to assure you they are the best of the best ready to support you, living your best!

YOU Matter Premier coaches

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Denise Dominguez

Originally from South Florida, where she raised her two children, Denise Dominguez is a coach mentor who helps women by having them face their fears and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Denise has a clear vision for seeing the trouble-spots that exist in, every “stuck” situation and the creativity to transform it instantly. She is the creator of Heartache to Happiness summit for extraordinary women who want to live a “kick-ass” life. Through her own struggles and divorce Denise has managed to come out of it with a smiling face and a positive attitude through it all. Denise’s current mission is completing her book titled: Don’t Let the Blonde Hair and Pink Nails fool Ya. I’m smarter and tougher than you think. And launching her telesummit Heartache to Happiness-how to find true happiness after divorce. When Denise is not coaching women she is enjoying family time, cooking, traveling and going to rock concerts. Learn more about Denise at http://www.denisedominguez.com

Y.O.U. preferred coaches for love and relationships

Liza Lomax

I am a mentor and Intuitive coach for children and their Mothers. I developed a program called Succeed with your Sensitive Child. It an exclusive one on one program and a membership to which, I incorporate everything I am gifted it doing and mold them into helping these children in need of direction. My passion is all about helping kids that are sensitive that don't have an outlet to turn to and mothers who are the nurturers and the givers of life teaching them and giving them the skills on how to better take care of their gifted children. Sensitive can mean a plethora of meanings but my ideal clients are the ones that are gifted, intuitive, empathic, kids that don't fit in, don't feel like they belong, don't want to be here, feel weird and uncomfortable in their own skin, etc etc. Taking them from feeling "not normal" to being confident. And then training coaching teaching the Mothers on how to care for their sensitive children so they go from feeling like a failure to succeeding. I have a Moms of Sensitive Kids group. There we support, share, guide and mentor all Moms of these amazing beautiful sensitive children. I am also a spiritual adviser/medium and animal communicator. I do readings, energy healing, channeling and space healings as well. Visit her site @ www.lizalomax.com

Rebekah Freedom

Transform Now Counseling LLC, DBA Break-up Rehab - As an Intuitive Relationship Counselor, I help revolutionize relationships by changing the way break-ups are experienced. I guide my clients in uncovering the wisdom they already have so that they can move forward with purpose and power. I'm the proud Author of Break-up Rehab: start over stronger and I love making people smile. http://transformnowcounseling.com/

Betty Russell, BCC

Betty Russell, BCC is a dating and relationship specialist dedicated to providing relationship advice to serious-minded singles, as well as a professional matchmaker who helps them find their ideal match. Both highly trained and certified in her field, Russell also draws on honed intuition and a passion for helping people. Whether assisting clients as they make the transition from married to single, or inspiring them to reach out into the dating world again with everything from practical tips to relationship support, Russell is 100% dedicated to helping people get it right, the first, second, or third time. Russell’s résumé is packed with experience and strategies founded on research, proven dating skills, and an attraction plan to find the right partner. Betty’s blog is widely read and well-received for the sensible, supportive, and professional perspective it offers. Russell earned her Life Coach Certification from the Coach Training Alliance as well as her Singles Certification at the Relationship Coaching Institute. She is also a Board Certified Coach, accredited by the Center for Credentialing and Education. For more information visit www.BeFreeToLove.com

Juli Gauthier

I’m Juli Gauthier and I’ve been a homeschooling mom for over 15 years. Throughout our journey, I have explored hundreds of books and theories on the best ways to be in charge of our children’s education. Through all of my research, I have discovered that there are several keys to being an outstanding parent and teacher that apply regardless of the style. It is my mission to coach and mentor homeschooling moms to see that we need to look at our end goal as parents. We are all trying to create amazing adults who will be happy, healthy, successful (each in their own way), contributing adults who can have healthy relationships with themselves and others. Our school system has lost this vision. We as parents need to foster and encourage the passions and unique gifts of each of our children so they can embrace life in a healthy, growing way. www.juligauthier.com

Dawn Westmoreland

Given the title, “Personal Power Coach” by other coaches, Dawn Marie Westmoreland shares the lessons and wisdom of her Veteran Affairs "whistleblowing" experience, landing in the mental health ward after two years of horrific bullying, overcoming, forgiving, and now empowering others as an anti-bullying speaker, author, personal power coach, and HR consultant. Dawn ‘settled’ with the Veteran Affairs in March 2014 and without a ‘gag order” to keep quiet about her story.
With 22 years of Human Resources experience and multiple relating degrees, she teaches people how to step into their own “personal power” so they can live happier and more empowered lives.
The Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) organization sent Dawn to Washington D.C. in April 2015, to educate Senators on the need to protect "conscientious whistle-blowers", like herself. www.DawnMarieWestmoreland.com

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