Hi I am Dr. Lisha Antiqua, Ph.D. and master coach, EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, EYRT 500, Nutrition therapy, and DBT, EMDR, Trauma Certified.

I bring all this to the table to train the best coaches and yoga therapist in the world here at  Y.O.U. and the chief trainer and coach within the Holistic Coaching Certification program.  I am looking forward to speaking with you and learning more about your goals.

This program is personalized, empowering and you will make money while in the program. You will learn online, in group as well as work personally with Dr. Lisha and our team of Y.O.U. coaches.

You will learn:

** Amazing You method experience - up-level your own life and business along the way.

** Holistic coaches - can work as health, mindset, business, relationship, emotional, money, leadership and manifestation coaches upon graduation.

** Proven method for therapist, coaches and holistic healers.

** ICF regulations followed and approved.

** 6 month and 1 year programs

** Payment plans available

** Business building and partnership upon graduation


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The investment is: 

Basic training is $7000 - includes the AY experience, AY training and practicum review. This level is perfect for professionals not going into coaching, previous coaches or therapist or healers who are already in practice.

An additional $5000 for the impact EMPIRE builder, which includes money breakthrough, marketing, program, book or speaking coaching and business set up. This is recommended for anyone wanting to have a greater impact, start a business or increase your impact through speaking, writing books or creating your own programs.

The total for the whole program is $12000/payment plans are available, when you pay in full save $2000

I trust that you are here for a divine appointment indeed!

Luci - Money Manifestation coach

Antiqua has been a life- and business-changing inspiration to me. She was able to pull a large purpose vision out of me and gave me concrete steps to follow to move towards fulfilling this vision without overwhelm. I now have a plan, a mission and a voice to bring my message, expertise and abilities to the marketplace to be of service to others. I now have a radio show, my programs are out, my website is up and my message is being heard.

Luci - Money Manifestation coach LuciMcMonagle.com