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  • Creator of VCN (Video Content Network). 25 years of video editing and creating history to make your videos shine!
  • 25 years of Person Growth Development
  • Caring, straightforward non-nonsense coaching techniques.
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Chris M. Sprague

Chris M. Sprague is the founder and creative force behind VCN TV (The Video Content Network), Pro Coach TV and VideoContent.Agency. He is a TV Show Host, Video Presence Coach and Video Content Creation Expert. Chris has been creating video in one form or another for over 25 years and is a passionate student of all things video and content-related. Chris understands the nuances to content creation that will make your videos shine. Chris is also known as one of the world’s top experts in the personal growth field. He is known as a personal growth visionary, dynamic keynote and platform speaker and author of the upcoming book tentatively titled "Finding Your Zero Point: The Key to Unlocking Happiness, Success and Fulfillment". Chris has been studying what makes people tick for over 25 years and shares his knowledge in an approach that has been described as caring, straightforward and no-nonsense.