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Dan Fowler is known as "The Imagination Engineer" for his revolutionary techniques that shift a person perception of their place in the world and gives them clear insights into how to manifest the life of their dreams. Dan has an extensive background in film, television, media production and personal development coaching and training. He has been in the interactive media production industry for over 22 years and has developed a proven system to help any profit-centered entrepreneur access their imagination, design the perfect dream, and then monetize those ideas and dreams "on-demand". Dan has combined all of his years of knowledge and experience to develop speaking, coaching and motivational strategies that empower his audiences to embody consistent positive change and maintain it through their business relationships. Dan prides himself in teaching people how to change their stories, internally and externally, through deep mental, spiritual, and scientific work and then helps them reinvent themselves as a NEW breed of leader, fueled by the knowledge that you never manifest what you want... you ALWAYS manifest WHO YOU ARE. Dan has written several books that have helped thousands of people from "Number of Man" to "Rewrite Your Story, Reshape Your Life". Dan shares his life experiences with his readers to remind them of their spiritual birthright and how to tap into their greatness. Dan's latest book that he is working on is called,"Cracking The Imagination Code". Dan is also the creator of Imagination IQ, a highly interactive experience that isco-creative and collaborative; where they educate thought leaders how to Manifest On-Demand by teaching them how to tap into their imagination and engineer it powerfully and profitably into the world. And, he facilitates a powerful GAMIFICATION SUMMIT to teach entrepreneurs, speakers, and event organizers how to GAMIFY everything they do from live content to event environments. Through these interactive modalities, Dan and his team have developed an interactive BOARD GAME that teaches his Manifest On-Demand principles to mass audiences by using one of his most popular processes called CONTENT GAMIFICATION. If you have an idea that is waiting to emerge into physical reality, Dan has the skills, talent, and experience to extract those ideas and help you engineer them powerfully and profitably into the world.

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