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Dawn Westmoreland

Dawn Westmoreland is a workplace anti-bullying speaker, author (“Empowered Whistleblower:  A Practical and Spiritual Path to Personal Power”), coach, and HR consultant.  As a former Veteran Affairs “Whistleblower” and retired Air Force veteran, Dawn overcame severe bullying in both organizations.  She held the Veteran Affairs accountable for retaliation after she reported prohibited personnel actions.  Dawn now teaches employees and managers how to have a healthy and respectful work environment.  She has been lauded by the Christian Science Monitor for the work she is doing to empower others today.  Dawn has appeared on over 50 radio and magazine presentations.  The Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) organization sent Dawn to Washington D.C. in April 2015, to educate Senators on the need to protect "conscientious whistle-blowers", like herself.