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Debbie McIntosh

Having survived clinical depression, I worked strongly on my own inner self, to become the strong, understanding individual I am today. Knowing that I had to face certain things in my past and forgive those who I had allowed to control me really empowered me. Bullied from age 8 to 16, mentally bullied by my father and ex - husband. I allowed myself to forgive, wrote 3 letters to that effect. The strength I gained allowed me to obtain a First Class honours degree at the age of 47 and become a wellness coach. I went on to raise £3500 for a children’s charity by completing the Inca Trail. I also helped someone find the cause of their anorexia. I now help others as an Emotions and Harmony Coach to remove their mask that they wear to help them live their current lives. I have a successful coaching business and network marketing business, concentrating on coaching in a holistically, emotional and harmonious style in the realms of personal development and mentorship.