The secrets to living a fulfilled life, full of happiness, purpose and breathtaking experiences.

Are you done waiting for everything to fall into place before you can justify living the life you really want to?

In today's show I am going to share with you my three steps to change your life by writing your life stories. You’ll discover:

  • How it’s helpful to trace your trouble, transcribe your tale, and transform your life
  • When writing trumps trauma...for anyone
  • Why you need to discover what your true life theme you can change it
  • What you can do to increase your joy – even after going through tough life circumstances
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Stacy Curtis

Stacy Curtis wants to live in a world where everyone feels free to share their stories...and listeners gain wisdom from them. She knows that it feels much safer for someone to process words on paper than confront tough situations. Stacy interviews fascinating people on her podcast Her latest project - - is taking off. This life story and memoir writing course is the culmination of years working to understand the psychology and the art of lifestory writing, and making it easy for others to write their stories. It’s valuable to trace your trouble, transcribe your tale, and transform your life.