YOUr Business Mastermind

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This mastermind is for the online solopreneur or small business owner that:

  • You have unfinished projects needs support around a specific topic (the how to's)
  • You want to know the in's and out's of marketing
  • Is ready to maximize your productivity
  • You know mindset/accountability creates success
  • You want to expand your business is ready to create & implement big goals

A mastermind will help you get & stay focused, provide personal & professional support and strategic solutions.




  • Weekly 60 – 90 minute zoom calls
  • Intro if you're a new member or share a win so we can celebrate you
  • Each member has the opportunity during each call to: ask for help, get feedback, support
  • End by stating a goal for the week or a helpful resource/book
  • Private Facebook group for continued support & accountability
  • People vested in your personal & professional success

Are you ready to benefit from the


of other business owners and GROW YOUR BUSINESS?



Every YOUr Business Mastermind group is limited to having 7-10 members

Membership runs month to month so you can stay for as little or as long as you like, however weekly engagement is required because you have to SHOW UP FOR SUCCESS. (we do recommend committing to one year for best results and community building)

Showing up and participating creates success

What does that mean? For the benefit of EVERYONE you need to commit to show up for at least 3 calls for each month that you're a member of the mastermind.

If participation becomes a challenge then you can cancel your membership at any time. No problem.

Why you have been invited by a member to join this mastermind.

This is an exclusive mastermind with the intention of creating success in the lives of our members.  Our members invite new members who they admire and respect to join one of our  YOUr Business Mastermind chapter.  Connect with the person who invited you to this page to learn more about the time of their weekly group meetings.

Or contact to be placed in a mastermind group - once you officially register. You will get access to bonus business training, upgrade training to support your success and your masterminds meeting schedule.

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How you do ONE thing is HOW you do EVERYTHING.

Together we do everything at our best!

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