Creating your best life is an inside job.

Welcome to Your Own University

— inner path as outer mission —


Do you have a story inside you that wants to be heard?

We believe there’s little more beautiful than the confidence that comes from

knowing yourself and living your life as it aligns with your unique purpose.

Knowing yourself generates confidence—it’s as simple as that. But it’s not necessarily easy. It’s a subtle and ongoing internal conversation supported, here with us at YOU, by external conversation as well as community, and more. Let us show you what we mean; join here for a monthly US$33—including daily support emails, masterminds, master classes, access to courses—and let’s continue the conversation.

Need more? We’re only getting started. Take our format, for example, which slides to masculine or feminine—either of which is your pathway into our multi-faceted approach, where we’re all diamonds in the rough—with each of us a facet of the unified gem our inherent and collective diversities create. We know your heartfelt vibration can shake off the muck so you shine as you’re meant to, and as we’re all meant to. Let us show you what we mean, in time, together—join us!

“[Masculine] and [feminine] come together like air and mist, rain and river, mountain and valley. They are part of the profoundly common. … Knowing this moves each thing in particular and everything in general from the ordinary to the honored.”1

Our members are leaders in their fields—parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, and more—who have experienced things that have led them to want to leave the world better than they found it. They woke up one day, just like you, and asked themselves, "How can I have a bigger impact in the world?"

Are you ready to have it all and to make your life experiences into your legacy? If not, we understand, for example, that a passion to live your purpose can throw you off balance and even overtake your life for awhile. But we’re here now, ready to support you to live your mission and create a healthy, happy, balanced life. Find your flow and enter our stream: when you’re ready, click here.

Just as fish can rely upon water for swimming, so [masculine] and [feminine] can rely upon their mutual…

...attraction as a medium for moving more deeply into themselves and [within life at large].1

We are the masters who can only be masters by submitting ourselves to ourselves.1

  1. Quotes by Ray Grigg, author of The Tao of Relationships