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“I used to want the words ‘She tried’ on my tombstone. Now I want ‘She did it.’”   Katherine Dunham

Make Money Now

How much money would you like to have?  What amount would change your world? Luci is a master money manifester and her 6-week program is designed to bring your money dreams to reality.  Learn more here. 

Empire Builder time to shine.

Empire Builder - it's time to shine.

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Maxwell is THE Blind Blogger. His life of entertainment began at an early age  growing up in the carnival.  Now he shares his fun stories and overcoming attitude through his super successful blog with over 18,000 followers on social media.  He has a wealth of knowledge about how to get your message out and get booked on shows, programs and at events.

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After 2 decades of teaching, training, and counseling hundreds of professionals just like you, I have created what I believe is the most effective 6 month program available to help you RECONNECT WITH YOUR LIFE IN A MEANINGFUL WAY and stop the cycle of being overwhelmed by your daily struggle. “Every woman I’ve worked with at some point has been last on her own list,”  In response, I developed a revolutionary SHINE program. SHINE provides clients with a realistic plan to create a balanced lifestyle that is uniquely yours. It’s about integrating your life and the program’s curriculum can be found in its name. SHINE stands for Self, Health, Intuition, Nourishment and Emotional Balance .   Find out more here