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Rustie MacDonald

Rustie is a multi book author, Celiac, Speaker, & Full time single mom. They live on the Gulf coast of Florida with two small dogs Rustie is internationally known for sharing her harrowing story of abuse, poverty, & Rape. She continues to inspire people all over the world to find gratitude even in the darkness. Tune in & let her make you laugh, cry, and appreciate what you have! Rustie.info


Terry Earthwind Nichols

Terry is leading the world in shifting people’s limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors. As Father of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR), Terry is a world-class transformational trainer and speaker. Terry believes that When We Release what No Longer Serves Us, We Become the Evolutionary Leader We Came Here To Be. info@evolutionaryhealer.com EvolutionaryHealer.com

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David Anderson

David “StarrTouch” Anderson MA, NCC, CPC, RYT, founder of Survivor To Hero ®

David Anderson holds a Masters in Community Counseling, is a National Certified Counselor, Certified Professional Coach and registered Yoga Teacher. Additionally he is pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology to further his education and offerings. David strives daily to live and embody the essence of Survivor To Hero ® which he says was created to empower victims and survivors into their hero story so that people not only thrive but they are living FULLY. He passionately believes the journey of hero is not just meant to improve ones own life but to also take those gifts and lessons learned along the way and share them with others. David’s life story has had many traumas, challenges and unexpected adversity. He had a challenging childhood and in his early 20’s experienced strange random Retrograde Amnesia. However as he will tell you every tragedy has deeply hidden opportunities to be discovered as you grow and rise above the adversity. http://www.survivortohero.com

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