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Faith Young

The amazing Faith Young was born and raised in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Her challenging life experiences gives her the ability to inspire, guide and empower others through theirs. She is a dynamic speaker, trainer author and lifter of souls. She is one of the top, award winning, realtors in the nation and she served on the board of the South Metro Board of Realtors Young Professional Network, in Colorado. Faith won the Rising Star Award from the South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association (SMDRA) in fall of 2013 for Outstanding Achievement in the first five years as a Realtor. Faith recognizes that in this business it is way more than just helping people buy and sell, it's about powerfully impacting people's lives. She lives in Lone Tree with her puppy, 6 pound Chihuahua, named Boo Boo. "In this business all you need is Faith!"


Manny Wolfe

Manny Wolfe is the creator of Opus Speaker Services and Manny Wolfe Brands He specializes in creating business changing tools and trainings for Authors, Coaches, Experts, and Speakers His mission is to help those who are driven to change things, to reach wider audiences


Rick Sheninger

Rick Sheninger helps you to stand out.  He is a marketing specialist with a focus to build relationships.  His classes at Your Own University talk about marketing, using your voice and strategy to get your message out.


Cindy Makonin

Hi, I am Cindy I am an Amazon best selling author of the Abundance Factor with Dr. Joe Vitalie.  I help people grow financially in their lives. I have a teaching background, with a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. I love to help people reach their dreams and goals. I'm a world traveler, author and dog owner. I believe each of us has gifts and talents to share with the world. Do you believe, having enough money to do the things you desire to do is a key element to sharing your gifts? Then join my masterclasses here at Y.O.U. and discover more at:  http://www.thecalmcure.com


Jennifer Dodge aka JD

Jennifer Dodge is the abstract creative solutionist #jd, intuitive coach, + visionary artist whom inspires, muses, sparks, produces, and transforms elite talent + influential entrepreneurs and their' imaginative systems structures and tangible expressions of influence .. composed & produced artistically and creatively into reality. What if, you actually could Compose your LIFE… Welcome to Produce your Life with JD where you take the LEAP from feeling like the cowardly invisible hustler with the invisible bank account as well to Boss Beast/Queen Entrepreneur who build, commands, receives, describes, designs, & requests with grace, respect, and ease with follow through and genius support. Makin’ dreams come true since before 1992’ serving communities worldwide at the core level. JDhttp://www.jenniferdodge.pink/


Line Brunet

Line Brunet has been a Master Life Coach and Radio/Podcast Host & Consultant since 2009 as well as a student of Tony Robbins' RMT Institute for Strategic Intervention since 2012. She's driven to help people find both their inner and outer voice so they can master who they are with confidence and conviction in life, love, business and beyond. Line's primary focus has been online radio having launched CRAVE radio network in January 2015 and then becoming a co-owner/CEO of Bold Radio Station where she trained and mentored those looking to start their own radio show or podcast in order to expand their reach and effectively broadcast their message. Line is recognized as a passionate connector of people and an expert at instigating action and cultivating quick results. www.linebrunet.com

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Nick Lai Weixuan

Nick is a poet, aspiring writer, aspiring serial entrepreneur, Reiki healer and a rebellious salaryman.
Nick used to think that his problems are huge and crushing, and he carries the burdens of expectations and disappointments on his back as he moves through life. But Nick has broken his chains and cast off his burdens. He believes he has challenges, not problems, and has learned to view life with more glee and excitement than before. He is also shedding his weight as part of breaking out from that old heavy shell and developing a sharp focus on achieving his objectives step by step.
He still works a full-time job, but it no longer defines his life. He has started an online business and has several other business ideas waiting for launch. With this new chapter in his life, he offers Holistic life coaching, distance Reiki healing, startup coaching and personal development guidance.

Donna Mazzitelli

Donna Mazzitelli is “The Word Heartiste.” She believes that in addition to a good editor and writing coach, writers need someone who uses their heart and intuition.

Donna has helped dozens of men and women connect with their core voice and express their writing with clarity and genuineness. Her gentle, clear guidance and non-judgmental approach allow people to navigate the places and spaces that can sometimes be difficult to explore. She helps you dig deep so your readership will connect with YOU, your stories, and the information you wish to share.

Whether you need help transferring your thoughts onto paper, a partner to co-author, a ghost writer, or another pair of eyes to review your writing, Donna will support you to bring your written words to life through Writing With Donna.

Donna has also begun Merry Dissonance Press—a book producer/indie publisher of works of transformation, inspiration, exploration and illumination. Find out more about Donna at: http://www.writingwithdonna.com/

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