Level 2 and 3 start here. Usually we let you know if your application has been approved within 72 hours. You will be directed to set up a live call please do so.

Y.O.U. Directory listing application

If you are not interested in either of these collaboration levels, simply close this page and check your inbox for directions to log into your new affiliate back office and start sharing the YOU Matter school of mastery.

Welcome to the family!

No Thank youChoose IF - already listed, level 1 affilaite

How we partner with you at Y.O.U.

Be seen, heard and help the world...

Step 1 - Upload your picture labeled with your first and last name to our Dropbox account.


STEP 2 - fill in the application below and you will be directed to our interview calendar.  Once that is complete you will have your coaching business listed in our directory and be able to jump in a write blogs, host shows and be the first to know about upcoming collaboration opportunities here at Your Own University.

Your directory listing is almost complete.

Set up a time to be interviewed and learn about all the behind the scene's support we have for you here at Your Own University.  How much you participate will allow you to get more and more from your directory listing.

If for some reason you are unable to upload your photo here successfully. Please send a 500 X 500 jpeg of yourself for our listing page to info@antiqualibbey.com as well as any affiliate programs listings you'd like to add to our school store.


The support and love you get when you partner up with Y.O.U.

  • Partner credibility - which shows your commitment to making our world a brighter place
  • Feature your awesome blogs, to promote your business and shine
  • Get launch support for more peace of mind and success launching your programs
  • Let us be YOUR affiliate and add your online programs to our class schedule.
  • Be a featured teacher in our membership site.
  • and as time goes on there is more.....