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Take your life and transform the world.

There is nothing more beautiful than confidence and that comes from knowing yourself and living your life aligned with your unique purpose.  

Our members are leaders in their field, mothers/fathers, business people and entrepreneurs - who woke up one day just like you and asked themselves "How can I have a bigger impact in the world?"

You are in the right place if:

You have experienced things that have lead you to want to leave the world better than you found it.

You have a story inside you that wants to be heard.

You know how important it is to put yourself first AND know that it is hard to do it on your own.

You know it's hard, because your passion to live your purpose can overtake your life throwing you off balance.

You are ready to have the support to live your mission AND create a healthy, happy balanced life.

You are ready to have it all and make your life experiences into your legacy.

You are a change-maker, transformer - here to help the world transmute the old and step into a higher dimension.

Welcome to Your Own University, where we support you to live supported, loved and thriving as you continue to make the most of your life.

Here at Your Own University, we intend to help you HAVE IT ALL.  When we say have it ALL we mean have all your health, your joy, your energy and YES your success.

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Your life has meaning, every moment of it and here at Your Own University is where you will create awareness, balance and beauty as you ignite your soul calling.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”

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Know Yourself as the unique human you are.

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Y.O.U. has joined forces with The Divinely YOU foundation to end the cycle of abuse, by helping our members overcome trauma and reclaim their lives.