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This online gathering is for you if you've survived you've already don't the therapy and basic healing, but you feel like you still don't know how to really live, like those women who seem to have it all. You desire to be comfortable in your skin, to feel great about being you, and confidently plan for your future. Now you need to jump in and learn new skills to move on, thrive and find our what you really desire. Come and rebuild your life with the support of powerful sisters and a step by step system to reclaim your life and thrive.


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How to take your power back and choose the life you desire to live, making the impact you desire to leave in your wake. 

  • 1

    How to let go of the crippling "What if my life was different" trap

  • 2

    The 6 areas of your life that you GET to define and HOW to do that.

  • 3

    A special practice to take back your power and be unapologetically YOU

  • 4

    WHY your story is so important.

What it is like to work with Antiqua personally.

Elijana Isacs

You are looking for empowerment, encouragement and way forward – Antiqua is your answer. You are looking for fun, stellar coaching and absolutely refreshing approach – Antiqua has it all. Sessions with Antiqua are not work, they are result producing, honest and authentic result producing interactions. Working with Antiqua has given me clear direction, answers which I had inside of me and she helped me find, boosted confidence and solid actionable steps. Antiqua is absolutely fantastic and due to he diverse background and experience, she is a person you want by your side if you feel stuck with your overflowing ideas, if you feel what you have to offer in this world is not valuable and if you are just plain out looking for holistic, refreshing, honest and experienced coach. I am Elijana Isacs, and I am blessed to have found Antiqua. Thank You for who you are and may your light continue to shine and enrich many more lives! Love you, E

Elijana Isacs Elijana Isacs
Luci McMonagle

Antiqua has been a life and business changing inspiration to me. She was able to pull a large purpose vision out of me and gave me concrete steps to follow to move towards fulfilling this vision without overwhelm. I now have a plan, a mission and a voice to bring my message, expertise and abilities to the marketplace to be of service to others.

Luci McMonagle Learn About Money LLC

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