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I am excited to work more with you.


There is nothing more powerful than a person who knows themselves. 


Yet, your uniqueness, got lost, because you were taught to focus on everyone and everything other than yourself.

But we are raised to live as we are told. Turn into what we are made to believe and live as we see.  When life has not given us a beautiful example of security, confidence, love and health.  How are we to learn, what we don't know.

ONLY because we are all brainwashed to think we aren't enough,  have enough time or money to care for ourselves, in your unique way, on your time. BUT YOU ARE WAKING UP!! 

You Matter daily LOVE habits, will systematically restore balance to your life. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and help you ROCK at being you in fulfilling relationship and profitable purpose. As a member you will get daily support to learn HOW you are designed, so you can care for you and live your best life.

Aligning you with your most healthy, happy and successful life.  Each email contains a 10 minute Love, You habit designed to build your confidence and peace, while not adding to your to-do list. Plus, you will have access to two powerful masterclasses each month to awaken and activate your amazing life.

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What you get with your membership:

  • LIFE MAKING -Daily 10 minute "Love,YOU" happy, healthy habit emails ($97 a month value)
  • The complete Your Fulfilled Life interview series ($297 value)
  • LIVE workshops and coaching with Antiqua and other Y.O.U. Coaches monthly ($197 monthly value)
  • Empowering workshops from world renowned coaches monthly + replays ($147 value each)
  • Facebook Group (Priceless)
  • Newsletter (weekly) to keep you in touch with additional resources

over $500 a month value

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When you join...

YOU will discover:

Your 6 personal power zones -  area's of your life, that have often been controlled by others, that when you take back control will give you unstoppable confidence. You will be shown how to successfully step back into the drivers seat of each zone, for peace, joy and ease in your life.  The daily LOVE YOU habits that will help you manifest and LIVE the life of your dreams.

Plus, YOU will discover:

The secrets to creating and LIVING a balanced healthy life, maximizing your bodies natural desire to be healthy, energetic and fit for life.

YOU will discover:

The #1 mindset hack's to shift your beliefs and cut cords with what isn't serving you, which will ultimately help you recognize what you want and align with abundance, connection and fulfillment.

YOU will discover:

Daily success rituals that will raise you vibe so you can and will manifest your desires on demand. That feel like a daily vacation  - you invest 10 minutes a day and it gives you BACK hours.

It keeps going, YOU will discover:

How to feel confident, grounded and in alignment with your purpose through soul affirming HUGS.  This practice is rooting in centuries of healing power and when you are LIVING as your highest self it's easy to be YOU!

Inside YOU will discover:

You will learn why rules are meant to be broken and taken heart guided action can be fun, freeing and create more time, money and space in your life. You don't have to work so hard. Learn how to DO less and get more!

Inside YOU will discover:

THE SECRET TO SOUL-MATE and TWIN-FLAME LOVE - begins within.  You will see and experience how healing modalities like EFT, CERT and NLP can radically transform your relationship with yourself and bring you lasting love.  PLUS, they are great for making more money, living your truth and self-mastery.

Join us and YOU will discover:

Who you are!  The beautiful, kind, wonderful, powerful - YOU!

And why you have experienced the things you have in life and what you are meant to do with it to make the world an even better place for yourself and future generations. You're life was no accident and here at Y.O.U. you will discover exactly what it's all been for.

Are YOU ready to work with:

The worlds TOP coaches and teachers leading masterclasses, to help you dive deep in discovering what makes you unique.   Our directory of coaches, best selling authors and expert teachers are here to guide you across bridges of self awareness that they have already crossed successfully. The only way to get access to these master-classes in inside YOU Matter.


YOU will be a part of a growing community of like minded people dedicated to be LOVE and share LOVE with the world around them.  As part of this community you will be invited to BONUS LIVE events online and in person.

This is ALL valued over $500.00 a month - but you get it for $22.22 a month!

We believe you will love this club so much, you can try it out today for $11.11 and cancel anytime, no questions asked.

A Video message from our founder

Antiqua Lisha...

What people are saying.

"I didn't think this was going to make that much of a difference, but a pick me up sounded good each day. But after just two weeks I can feel a difference in my life. I feel calmer and the little stresses feel little again instead of big. I am even tolerating a workmate that was driving me up the wall without a second thought. These are the best emails I get, I can't wait to open it and see what I can do that day to love me. Thanks for giving me this boost."


"YOU Matter is like FlyLady for self-care, in just 10 minutes a day, you can clean up, pick up and feel 100% better. Thanks for the notes, I will keep opening them for sure and recommend my friends."


More details about what is waiting for you inside.

  • Get access to workshop about all 6 of your power zones

    Body, Mind, Vibe, Spirit, Relationships, Success with TOP personal development coaches in the world.

  • LIVE events

    Keep an eye out monthly for your invitation to join our LIVE recording of the workshops to get personal attention for FREE!!

  • Access gifts and coaching bonus's for member's only

    Almost every coach will give out a special offer or gift after each workshop that will help you take your experience further.

A few Workshops Waiting For YOU!

For those who are ready to KNOW who you are and live life accordingly.