Masterclasses with Lisha Antiqua

Loving all of you.

Lisha Antiqua is a leading Holistic health coach and the founder of Y.O.U. and lead in our certification programs. It is her pleasure to teach masterclasses in each of your personal power zones.  She also works with select individuals in private session. If you are interested in her 12 session signature coaching program Amazing YOU or one of her training programs - schedule a time to speak with her personally - HERE.

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Master Class #1

The full body cleanse - 3 days to reset your body and life.

This is a cleanse I did to release the weight - not only on my body but all that was weighing me down.  It is my intension to share this process with you, because your body is connected to all of you.  You are a holistic being.  I share my heart with you and walk with you as you walk through this process.

Master Class #2

How the body processes trauma.

Master Class #3

Nature and Nurture - be the change you seek