The Vulnerable Beautiful Truth About Perfection

The Vulnerable Beautiful Truth About Perfection

By: Kate Burkett


I am opening up to you in a whole new way today.  

The story of how I am learning to vulnerably accept all of myself. 

There is this relentless pressure to be “perfect”.  

Parts of me that are still trying to prove that I am worthy, that I am good enough, that I have figured everything out.

Often I feel like I have to have everything together, I have to be flawless at all times.

Sound familiar?  Can you relate?  

I am so scared of the world, of you finding out how far I am from perfect.   How many flaws I have been hiding, so that I can appear “perfect” to the world. 

This photo was taken a year ago.  My friend who took it, up loaded it on FB and tagged me.  I immediately

removed my tag so no one could see this photo.  

I wanted to hide the cellulite and the imperfections.  kates blog photo two

Who would hire me to coach them into loving their body after seeing this photo?  My body always need to look perfect.  

I cringed, feeling eaten up inside when I saw this photo.

I was remind of how disgusted I used to be by these in perfections in my thighs. 

I was tormented by a past of self-criticism and judgment.

I felt like I had been working so hard to release these negative images of my body and then this photo appeared as if to haunt me…

Today I want to share my realization.   This pain that I was feeling inside was coming from the pressure that I put on myself to be perfect. 

The truth was that my boyfriend and the other people close to me who saw this picture said, why does you leg look that that.  

You do not look like that in real life.  You have “perfect” thighs.

They couldn’t see the flaws that I had always known where there because my Inner Beauty was out shining my imperfections.   

I have realized how much this illusion of perfection has controlled my life.  I have held back in so many ways worrying that I would not be perfect. 

“Who would hire me to coach them into loving their body after seeing this photo?  My body always need to look perfect.”  

Today I am making a stand for the beauty in the imperfections.

The deeper beauty in learning to love your body and live your Paradise, is that you don’t have to be perfect. For kates blog

I am far from perfect, yet the people closest to me only see the love and beauty with in me and they can not see the imperfections. 

You too can cultivate the confidence, the inner beauty to become captivating and effortlessly attractive… and you don’t have to be perfect to do it!

When you connect to your Inner Beauty, the second guessing, the fear, the insecurities and self judgment melt alway…

Today I look at this photo and I feel no reaction.  I see beauty. 

Over the last year I have stepped into my confidence and beauty even more.  Now I am no longer tormented by my imperfections.  

I see the same for you Beauty!  No one is perfect.   

Beauty is found in imperfection! 
I am making a stand for true beauty that radiates from the inside and is not limited to our external form.  

Kate Burkett is an Inner Beauty Expert. She is on this planet to embody what woman require to truly love and trust themselves, so they can have a life of clarity and freedom. Kate has been on a journey to find her paradise, through battles with her body, the loss of loved ones and travels around the world.

She has found what we need as women to stay healthy and vibrant. Kate's intention is to empower women around the world to step into new found energy, dynamic self confidence and lasting health! She is focused on connecting woman to their physical bodies, emotional wellbeing and spiritual health. Discover her secrets at