YOU matter with ear buds

3 steps to being fulfilled!

Have you been searching for that answer to feeling GREAT about yourself? I bet you have read every self-help book, gone to the classes, and prayed endless prayers for answers.  You probably have even worked tooth and bone and yet nothing has satisfied your hunger for success.

Were you raised hearing “Shame on you?” Or “How could you?” Then there is a chance you don’t need to learn more or work harder because shame is holding you hostage.

I hope this changes it all for you. That is my intention in making this post. For you to finally see the answer you have been seeking and heal once and for all.  The world is waiting for your special sauce by the way. 

After studying trauma the past 30 years and living through it the 10 years prior, I have found the roots and together we will pull them up and set you free. Are you ready to soar? 

Shame is when you feel like YOU are bad, wrong or not enough. It is different from doing something wrong because it a judgment you put on yourself.¬† When this is a conclusion about yourself made in childhood, it ends up being an endless war within yourself to prove yourself. However, the core belief sounds something like ‘I am not enough” or “I am bad.” This core belief attracts situations and people that are going to affirm your beliefs, no matter how much you do to overcome the shame.

So today, I hope this sets you free. In three steps. 

1) Recognize that you were trained by the world at a young age to feel shame and that shame is what is eating away at your life.

2) Forgive yourself. 

3) Replace shame in all forms in your life. You will have to break up with it. Maybe jobs or people that support this “not enough” belief. You get to reintroduce yourself to yourself and the world. 

Step 3 can be a bit of a challenge which is why we have created a 365-day UNSHAME and LOVE, YOU membership at Your Own University to fill your cup each and every day and help you step into your power and ultimate purpose. Register here –