3 Powerful Tools for a Different Life Perspective

3 Powerful Tools for a Different Life Perspective

By YOU partner – Elijana Isacs


How many times do you catch yourself in a conversation about what is not well in your life?

 You are heartbroken, you know exactly the number on speed dial which ensures  a one hour teary, and even more heartbreaking conversation with your best friend!

You are overworked, the bar and the faces on Friday night are exactly the same and the topic? : ”I hate my job”

You are stuck, day in and day out, you ponder on the same topic over and over again,  you discuss it, you analyze it, you search it on Google, you find ways to prove it right, and you remain stuck.

 Eckhkart Tolle says :”Accept the reality as if you have chosen it”

Hu? Chosen it? I didn’t choose misery, I didn’t choose abuse, I didn’t choose heartbreak, well but I chose to allow it.

 It took me a long time to face this realization. Years of feeling not good enough, not lovable, not worthy, not beautiful. I had all proof to support it  and was sticking to my story. I was a victim with a long list of people and things to be blamed for my misery. The list was big, it included the world

 Once I started pondering on :”We choose our thoughts”, “You can love yourself”, “Your reality is a reflection of your mind” things  started clicking one by one.

  •  I saw myself being stuck by choice.
  • I saw myself accepting abuse by choice.
  • I saw myself hating life by choice.
  • And I saw that I was miserable because I kept spinning in the same circle over and over again.

The behavior of others was not my responsibility and I am not suggesting that toxicity is excusable. But accepting misery and poor treatment, is a choice.


So how do we love what is, when we hate it so dearly.


  1. Take responsibility and choose to feel good– yes it is a choice. In every moment of our lives we have a choice over our thoughts and feelings. How liberating is to know that nobody is responsible to make you happy? Drop all expectations! Seriously. The world can never make you truly happy. So stop expecting it. Doing this frees you from disappointment. When you do not expect something, the chance of being disappointed greatly diminishes. Practice monitoring your thoughts and replacing them with something more delicious. Make it a priority to feel good. Make yourself and your life a priority. Tip: Start with writing every day 100 things you are grateful about. Yes, it is possible. You will find a way to recognize things you love about “what is”.
  2. STOP analyzing! Have you ever heard Analysis-Paralysis? Well its true. The more you analyze how “shit” everything is, the more you will see how bad you have it. So whatever the issue is at the moment, whatever  you think is making your existence stinking, shut it off for a while and focus on something else. Analyzing it to death didn’t work, I know you’ve  tried it 100 times by now. So why not let it rest for a while and pick up a topic to think about that invigorates you. Tip: Pick a passion of yours that you had left and not practiced for a long time. Something that you love. Make it part of your day. Be consistent. Take moments of joy, which will lighten your days and bring something that you love in  your “what is”
  3. Appreciate yourself – daily. Burn the TO DO list. Make I LOVE list.. Love who you are and your “what is” will start offering you examples of what you can love more of it. And every night write down everything that you did well  and achieved during the day. Tip:  Stop there. (Pondering on what you didn’t do will only bring you down)


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