3 Simple Questions That Changed My Life!

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3 Simple Questions That Changed My Life!

By YOU partner Catherine McMahon


As I sit here pondering what to share with you about what motivated me to become a coach, develop my programs and begin to write the book I’ve been putting off for at least ten years or more I wonder what it really was that made this all happen…

Was it my burning desire to want to be of service, the help, guide and assist others through times of challenge and be party to their triumphs and joy or was it something much deeper than that?

Was it because of a burning desire to move beyond the limitations that had been handed to me by my lineage, to know myself in such an intimate way that I shed the skins of perceived identity and allowed myself to experience my life through more love and a softer, gentler heart.

I can say for certain that my skills and ability to be of service to others came first and foremost because of a desire to want to know freedom, peace, pleasure and personal power in my own heart and mind.  To be the master of my own life and to create personal transformation for myself.

I was desperate to be rescued from a life of abandonment, pain and loneliness.  I discovered in my early 20’s that the only person who could truly save me was ME.  I had to begin the unlearning.  I had to get real, honest and take responsibility for who I was now.  I could no longer blame anyone else for how I was feeling or what was going wrong in my life.  It was all about ME.  I was doing it to myself.  And this is where the fun began.  I had to ask myself 3 simple questions:

  1. Who do I want to be?
  2. What do I want to experience?
  3. What do I have to do to get it?

These 3 simple questions lead me on a journey of epic proportions and to this day I am constantly coming back to these same 3 questions and re-inventing myself to allow for greater peace, pleasure and personal power.  By asking these simple questions I was lead to many mentors, practitioners, therapists and coaches who have inspired my transformation and I was so moved not only by my own transformation, but by their willingness, love and support for me I decided that I was going to pay it forward.

I believe that my journey is unique to me, but not limited to benefiting only me.  I decided to share my learning of unlearning and thus,  I became a coach, mentor, facilitator and teacher.


I am passionate about loving myself in better ways and I am passionate about helping others to love themselves in better ways.  It is my gift to myself.  It is my gift to others.

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CatherineCatherine is a genius at helping you create and cultivate more clarity and freedom in your life. She lovingly supports others in achieving peace, freedom and positive emotional states of being by providing a leading edge approach to behavioral change and emotional release. http://www.enhancedclarityacademy.com

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