3 sure fire ways to end overwhelm and save your business.

The spark of genius hit’s and you have your big idea for the business you’ve been dreaming of.  So what is the first thing you do when this big idea hits?  You start thinking about how you can get your idea out of your head and into the world.

This is brilliant; but what most genius entrepreneur don’t know, is exactly what is holding them back. The biggest mistake that new entrepreneurs and coaches make when putting together their fabulous program or product is they keep it all to themselves. This is a knee jerk reaction to the fear of someone stealing your idea – I get it.  But the most empowering thing you can do to avoid getting stressed out and overwhelm is to create a small circle of friends who get your idea and will give you honest feedback and create a mastermind.  This will save you a ton of time and money when it comes to production as well.

Now that you have a small circle of brilliants to mastermind with it is very easy to slip into this fatal mistake and it nearly always means doom and gloom for you.  The “I’m so passionate about my idea; I don’t have time for anything/one else.”  The most effective way to avoid burn-out is to avoid believing that just because you love your biz, you can get away with only working on it.  Adding fun and down time to your calendar will fuel your creativity: enjoying a bath, taking a walk (just because) or going out with friends. This time is so important, take it.

Mistake #3, you’ve made it, your idea IS your business and you have a fabulous mastermind to help bounce your brilliance off of and you are taking time to play, but your hair is still falling out and you’ve gained 10 lbs.  Why?  Because, your overwhelmed doing it all alone.  Are you handling your marketing, your blog, and client load and your housecleaning all by yourself?  If this is you, stop and delegate, find a marketing plan that lights you up, hire support and get a house-cleaner for goodness sake, you and your brilliant idea are worth it.

Avoid these 3 mistakes and stay fired up and focused on your success for-ever-more.




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Antiqua Libbey is the founder/CEO of Your Own University, a business for super star coaches, trainers and teachers who are ready to create, market and launch an empowering vision into the world.  She works with entrepreneurs, visionaries and rebels who are ready to stop doing everything on their own and join a team of like minded super stars to create profitable businesses and serve a global audience. Her unique program Rising Star Master Plan is her step by step signature system to take you from getting by to flying high.