Yoga Sutra 51

Sutra 51

The fourth type of pranayama transcends the external and internal pranayama and appears effortless and non-deliberate.

When balance is formed and there are no restrictions in the breath at all this stage is reached. Patajlai and Iyengar call it seedless pranayama. Here the movement of breath is without volition or effort, and there is no movement in the mind or consciousness. This is the fourth stage of pranayama. Here I would imagine the yogi would be in complete knowledge with God, in total focus on the true essence of God himself, sitting with Jesus in asana in breath. Oh I hope I can be here someday. God with your grace, I wait patiently for you to take me.

Againt the Bible says nothing about HOW to breathe or HOW not to breathe. I do not believe the Bible either agrees or disagrees with this sutra. It is totally about the pranayama practice in yoga.