4 ways to eliminate stress and keep you sexy, happy and fabulous

Stress is the #1 cause of disease, break-ups, and job dissatisfaction. In today’s episode, I am going to share 4 life hacks to manage stress on the spot. ( I say 3 then give 4) not worth a retake… )

Stress kills by: 

  •    Causing tension in relationships. 
  •   Lowers your sex drive.  
  • Causes brain freeze which can lead to less productivity and work-related issues. And work problems can lead to money problems.  Who wants that? 
  • Stress also causes your immune system to lower and cortisol levels to rise, meaning weight gain (or unhealthy loss) and all sorts of disease. 

Last but not least if stealing your romance, money, and health isn’t enough, stress leads to more stress, which is why I am making this YOU TV episode for you.  To share 4 ways you can nip stress in the bud, daily and when it strikes. 

Life can be stressful, but stress does not have to be life. 

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