5 tips to help your child or inner child LOVE playing music

Nothing raises your vibe like music – so why is practicing so hard?

An article by YOU coach Cymber Quinn 


In all activities, Listening is crucial. Don’t rush in with ideas. Just listen. And listen some more.

Here are 5 more tips…

1. Set a regular time for practicing and stick to it. Especially at first. Whenever your child starts a new habit or activity, it takes some time for the new activity to become part of their life and yours. Pick a time of day that you can sit with your child and help them practice at first. You only need to practice 5 minutes per day to start. At the beginning, you are practicing making time to practice. That is the first step – Practice setting a time and sticking to it.

2. Do the warm-ups with your child. The Stretching exercises are printed on the weekly homework sheet. They are simple movements and singing to get the child’s energy focused on the music and leading into the practice session in a fun way. Stretching: 1-2 minutes Reach your arms over your head. Touch the floor. Repeat three times. Shake out your arms. Shake out your legs. Twist your torso to the left and right. Repeat three times. Hum Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or another favorite song. Hum your scales.

3. Ask your child to teach you what they learned. We all learn best when we are teaching others. One of the best ways to help your child learn music is to ask them to teach you. Have them show you what they have learned, and try it yourself. You’ll be learning alongside, and most importantly, you are bonding with your child and spending focuses one-on-one time together.

4. Ask them to play their favorite song. Ask for an encore. Beginner songs are very short. It’s great to ask your child to play the song several times.

5. Take lessons yourself. Many parents take music lessons at the same time as their children. They get to fulfill what is often a lifelong dream of playing music, and they get to share this learning experience with their children. You might want to take just 4-8 lessons, and ask your teacher to focus on teaching you how to help your child.



Cymber Lily Quinn is a holistic harpist, composer and music teacher, living in San Jose, California. Her award-winning original harp music has been featured on Hawaii Public Radio and National Public Radio’s Hearts of Space. She specializes in helping beginners and returnees hear and make their own music. Check out her “Learn Holistic Harp in 60 Days Program.” www.Cymber.com