6 Easy Steps for Your Cash to Flow

Money Flows To Those That Know: 6 Easy Steps for Your Cash Flow

By Luci McMonagle


Have you ever noticed that some people have a charisma about them that is seamless and their life flows easily? It’s as if they have the Midas touch and everything they touch turns to gold. Money flows into their lives with nearly no effort that you can trace and opportunities just befall them wherever they may go. Meeting these people can be a bit intimidating at first, but when you take the time to talk to these people, that too seems to be easy and you just feel so relaxed around them. The strange thing about these people is they are truly living a wonderful life and if you talk to them, they seem magnetic and mesmerizing. Even the way they manage unpleasant situations seems to flow with ease and grace.

What is that wonderful feeling that these people give off? They are so excited about life and really love getting to know others. Would you like to know their secrets? Take a little insiders walk in the shoes of those that live a “charmed life?” Or better yet, would you like to become one of these magnetic people? I certainly know that I wanted to become like them.

There’s really just 6 easy steps to take.

The key is to take these steps over and over again, even when you have no evidence that anything is happening.

  1. Become mindful of your thoughts and look at them from a “literal” word meaning. Seems very simple doesn’t it? Look at the question I just wrote Seems Very Simple Does NOT it? When you translate this literally, it means, “it does not seem very simple.” Using the word “want” will leave you in a state of “wanting.”
  2. Use better words with literal meanings that you would like to see become true in your life. Instead of using the word want, use desire, have, choose, create, etc. When you use better words actually start to “feel” each word that you use.
  3. When negative thoughts begin to run amuck in your mind, imagine they are weeds and then go into a quiet space and pull them out. Plant seeds of good instead.
  4. Focus on the good that is in your life and really learn what it means to be grateful.
  5. Learn the difference between reacting emotionally and responding. When you react you tend to have an emotional outburst and it usually makes the situation worse. When you respond you are in control and the situation flows much easier.
  6. Understand that whatever you focus on will grow. If you focus on lack, negativity, and other things that makes you unhappy, then that is what you will find more of. When you choose to focus on solutions and finding a way, then opportunities will start to flow your way.

Using these 6 steps will get you started for creating the opportunities of a life you live with ease and grace. When you reach this state of being then you are relaxed and posed. This relaxed state is what magnetized you to cash and that too begins to flow in your life.

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