A few soul songs for you.

    You are a star –  a light of God in a often dark world.

By Antiqua Lisha

The brighter you shine the more love, light and freedom the world around will experience. For me this post is a bit frightening to share, but I am not letting fear stop me from allowing the blessings from these songs to shine even brighter in the world.

These songs are brought to you by light – Gods light.  There are from years ago, I think 2012 and a few of them were recorded in odd ways, like the Skype recorder simply turning on while I was in mediation.

Over the years some of my clients have used them to heal, the songs vibrations seem to work miracles – songs, prayers and insights that have brought tremendous healing to those around me and myself.

Since I am closing down an old membership site and focusing over her I felt I would share some of my most popular pages to keep the vibe alive.

Music has healing qualities – tones – vibrations that bring about change to all who hear them.  Remember your parents playing Mozart to help you learn, or how you feel when you favorite song comes on the radio, or when a song you don’t like comes on.  Music send out vibrations that can change you in an instant.  These songs on this page can heal, all you have to do is decide to receive their healing vibration, by saying yes and relaxing as you let the prayer wash over you.  These are Gods prayer for you – tones, intentions and love that I am honored to share.

For best results – Sit back – breathe deep, ask God into your heart, set an intention of healing, opening, love, forgiveness, peace etc… and allow whichever song you listen to to wash over you, like a baptism of holy music.

Listen to God’s Prayer of 12 –  This is perfect to listen and sit with when you are feeling disconnected, unbalanced or unsure of what God is wanting from you.

Listen to Releasing the weight of the world – Are you holding onto weight physical or mental that seems to be holding on even when you are doing everything “right” to let it go – listen to this a few times a day for 7 to 12 days and let me know if you experience the same results I am.

Listen to Being – just being –  This prayer will wash confidence and truth over you.  If low self worth or self doubt has been plaguing you, allow God to wash it way and truth to fill you.
Listen to Surrender a sinners confession Allow this healing vibration to help you let go of all that is not serving you and return to knowing your heavenly place.