My Beauty Dilemma

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My Beauty Dilemma

by YOU partner – Laura Brzegowy


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a burning desire to inspire others and bring joy to people’s lives. In fact, the first nearly five decades of my life have been spent utilizing various mediums to achieve just that.

As a classically trained musician I brought the wonder of music to many concert audiences. As a makeup artist I helped women see their innate beauty.  As a Residential Design Consultant I helped homeowners create the home of their dreams, and as a Color Consultant I now help clients find the perfect paint colors for their home.

Still, at each stage of my evolution I’ve struggled with whether my means of helping others has concentrated too heavily on the superficial to be considered a meaningful life’s work. After all, music, makeup, a beautiful home, and color are all aspects of beauty, and beauty is superficial. Or, so I thought…FanDeck_ColorStories_US

All of this changed upon receiving a simple handwritten thank you note. This note served as my “aha” moment in relation to beauty, and the pleasure it brings to our lives. The writer expressed how much she loved her new paint colors because they enhanced the beauty of the home. She also marveled at how beautiful she felt just spending time there. Once I allowed myself to embrace the fact that as humans we are hardwired to seek beauty in each of its manifestations, I realized what a wonderful gift, and privilege, I’ve been given!

Around the same time, I became very aware of God’s hand in my daily work. How else, if not God, can I explain the lovely woman that came to me knowing a new color could ease the painful memories one specific room held for her? In repainting it a cheerful new shade she found that she could finally re-enter the room where her son had taken his life 3 years earlier. It’s moments such as this, and countless others, that remind me I’ve been divinely guided to this work.

What I now know on a visceral level is that color can deeply heal, inspire, comfort, and excite us. Conversely, it can also produce feelings of restlessness, sadness, and dis-ease. For this reason, making color selections with great care is very important. In order to select the perfect colors, I get to know each of my clients on an intimate level. I spend time listening to their needs and concerns, all the while observing the subtle clues they give about their likes and dislikes. I get to help each client find colors they’re excited to live with in order to help them cultivate more beauty into their lives.

I no longer struggle with whether my work in beauty is frivolous. In fact, I believe my work is more important now than ever. With our World moving at frenetic pace, beauty may just be one of the easiest ways to reconnect us to our Self. And, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?








Laura is an internationally known “color whisperer”. Classically trained in color theory, but firmly entrenched in the way it makes us feel, Laura knows how to skillfully guide you to the colors you’ll be inspired by, day in and day out. As a color expert, and compassionate mentor, Laura will show you the importance of being surrounded by the colors you love, and guide you to a color scheme uniquely created for you. Laura loves sharing her color knowledge and looks forward to surrounding you with the colors that you love and thrive by!



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