Breaking through Judgment (Self-Mastery class)

The #1 mindset block that holds people back from almost everything is judgment. 

The fear of being judged stops many from stepping into their dreams. 

If I had a dollar for every client I spoke with that was scared of starting their own business, or traveling around the world, or dating someone because of fear of judgment I would be a very wealthy woman.  Fear of judgment stops people in their tracks. It stops them from being authentic and true to their hearts. It stops them from living. This class will help you break this cycle if it has been running in your life and step into your dreams.

The guilt of judgment breaks relationships apart and causes distance and resentment. 

When we judge others it causes distance.  It does not matter what the judgment is about, it does the opposite of what most of us want.  (If you are reading this I am going to assume you are conscious and awake, meaning you want to be closer to love rather than further from it.) Judgment causes condemnation and distance in otherwise loving relationships.  In this self-mastery class you will discover a formula to help you work through your own judgments of others and come to a conclusion that will honor your heart opening again.

Self-judgment is probably worst of all, crippling people from speaking their truth and opening their hearts. 

This comes out most often as the belief “I am not enough” and it is crippling. When we are in a state of self-judgment, it is like being in our own personal jail.  It creates low self-esteem, co-dependency, endless pain and martyrism.  There is no greater gift that one can give the world than ALL OF YOU – and self-judgment blocks this from happening. Self-judgment creates fear which wards off love. In this class, we will cut through self-judgment and help you find fairness and forgiveness in your heart so you can live your full life.

This class at Your Own University will bust through the curse of judgment and give you a workable solution for all forms of judgment. 

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Happening Tuesday July 17th online at Your Own University.