The Case Of Mistaken Identity

The case of Mistaken Identity.

By Averil Maher


For many years I was a mouse.

I huddled in the background wondering when I would dare to race out and grab that piece of cheese.

I would see the local cats cruise by taking what they wanted and enjoying life to the full.

These cats were a threat. They had more power than me.

After watching behind the shadow of the door long enough, I would make a dash for the food.

If I was lucky I’d get the prize and dash back to my sanctuary until it was time to try again.

A very piecemeal existence.

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After a while I observed that the cat would saunter in, ask for what she wanted, and get it effortlessly. Why couldn’t I do that?

I started to study what the cat did, notice the traits and skills she had and still wondered why I couldn’t do that.

One day, after an unsuccessful foray to get food, I stumbled across a mirror.


What I saw in that mirror amazed me. Although the creature was a little disheveled, it was not who I thought it would be. There was no mouse in the mirror. The reflection I saw was a fully grown, energetic, curious CAT.

All this time I was hiding behind the door thinking I was a poor timid mouse when all along I was a strong, intuitive cat. How could I have been so mistaken?

We often get stuck in images of ourselves that are not necessarily true. Most times this comes from input we received as a child. The truth is that you are an adult now and can leave behind the false messages of childhood.

It’s time to step into your true identity and take your place in the world.





Averil Maher is a Certified Life Coach and therapist with a unique twist on assisting her clients through change. Averil’s work empowers people to perform at their best while maintaining balance and a sense of joy in both their business and home life.

Specializing in empowering your Money Mindset and Unlocking your Potential.

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Averil Maher

Stress Management Coaching, Personal Development and Small Business Coaching Like many women, stress crept up on me while trying to juggle children, family life and running my own business. To help me regain by equilibrium, I studied and practiced many complimentary therapies which lead me to qualifying as a Professional Stress Consultant with the British School of Yoga. Add in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching and my business helping others was born. With two decades of experience behind me, I understand stress in a professional and personal way. I can help you lose the stress and get your life back. My aim is to empower women to create a life of fulfillment , bringing balance and harmony your personal and professional life. You deserve to be healthy and happy. Please contact me to find out how I can help you.