Confidence is where it is at

3 ways to recognize if you are ready for a confidence boost

By CEO and founder Antiqua Lisha

Sometimes we don’t know what we really need until it is too late.  As women, we often struggle to really capture the essence of self-confidence because we are too busy thinking of everyone else and trying to meet the needs of our loved ones.  This leaves us scattered, confused, overwhelmed and often feeling powerless.

A healthy combination of self-awareness and confidence mixed with our natural desire to give is where true freedom and absolute joy comes from.  As mothers and wives, friends and colleges, it is impossible to meet everyone’s needs.  However, you can meet your own needs and that will leave you feeling accomplished, on target, full and confident.  

Let’s start this self-awareness to confidence exercise by looking at some of the common signs that we have given away our power and are lingering in low-self-esteem. 

  1.  Finding the outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful usually takes more than one attempt and sometimes you just go out thinking “I have to wear something,” rather than “I feel great.”
  2. No matter what you say (or give) there seems to always be a LONG list of to do’s and most of it is for others, not you. 
  3. You’re stuck in a job you hate, working around people that bring you down. Or you’re barely getting by doing what you love.  What happened to money follows passion?

I used to be that girl in tears trying to find an outfit that would make me feel pretty. I am not this girl anymore, not at all and you don’t have to be either.  I understand and I have a solution that will –

* Set you free in the body you love no matter what you’re wearing.

From Pinterest

From Pinterest

* Have you confident and on track living your best life. That kind of joy and confidence, that no one questions.

* Feel self-assured  with the esteem of a supermodel on the runway and personal security knowing how brilliant you are, like having a doctorate in your passion.


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