Do you have to crash and burn to begin again?

By YOU partner – Tricia Dycka

 A new beginning can be at any point, at any time you choose.  It can come from crashing and burning.  I moved to FL several years ago, I was miserable that we moved to a place that I did not know anyone.  I was a fish out of water wondering what the hell I did by moving away from everything I knew.  That move was the catalyst in my life to start over.

There were times I was on the emotional rollercoaster and it seemed the more drastic it was the more I was able to release things, people and situations in my life and become more expansive to allow for more opportunities to come forward.

What does that mean? This year in September I had started with a business coach.  I was super excited, she pushed all my boundaries and belief systems.  I felt resistance, you know where you are telling yourself what you just learned does not really apply to you, and you like exactly where you are because everything is working fine…or is it?.  Or the best excuse is “I have tried this before and it doesn’t work FOR ME.”  When you get here, the comfort zone has now been breached, it is under a microscope, which has you wondering if perhaps it is time to move away from what you are doing to create new and exciting things. 

When I started paying attention, I realized I was doing the same things over and over without any real change.  This realization sent me spiraling downward into anger, sadness, an overall general feeling of restlessness and of course the sense of never truly getting the life I wanted. 

Emotional meltdowns can happen anytime with a spiral downward.  What causes it and how can it be helpful?  There are many causes for me : it was my move to FL, getting a business coach who pushed my boundaries, crashing after a big launch, getting zero results on a new product or service, getting stuck in the comparison trap or not feeling my life is where I THINK it should be.

How can it be helpful? It shows you exactly where you are doing repetitive things that are not working.  It allows you to look at your life and the people in it, showing you if they are supportive or trying to keep you exactly as you are. Because change scares them.  Emotional meltdowns create spaciousness for new opportunities to evolve.  In the beginning it may seem like the end of the world and nothing will ever be right or move forward towards your dreams but I promise you once the dust settles and everything is cleared you will be grateful for the cleansing.

Even if it just shows you how to create new systems in your biz, start a new hobby or go out and meet new people.  While you are in a meltdown DO NOT resist the feelings, acknowledge them and allow them to be there.  Open up your heart breathe in healing and breathe out the feeling that has come over you.  Sit in silence with this for a bit.  The more you release the quicker the meltdown goes away and brings forth new opportunities and new ways of being.  Believe me it took me a month to get through it because of the resistance and the thought that I was really losing my mind.

This is NOT negative.  Emotional meltdowns let you see where you are hitting brick walls and can bring about quick changes.  It also shows you that where you were will no longer be acceptable and the time has come to grab life and take a chance.    


tricia-dyckaI am a lover of coffee, chocolate, tequila, most things sci fy, being present, my life and most definitely the hubby. I am an intuitive coach, Reiki Master, bestselling author, teacher, speaker and enthusiast My mission in life is to help others understand the emotional roller coaster we all go through as women business owners. That feeling of being alone and nobody understanding is just a thought in your head. Every break down comes before a break through either in your personal or business life. As an intuitive coach I help you in your business as a source of support, helping you deal with doubts and define blocks that keep you from going where you want to go. You are not alone.