Do you believe you are enough?

You’re not enough…

Has anyone ever told you that? CRAP!!

They say you’re not smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough, wealthy enough, tall, short…. CRAP!! 

If you have experienced this kind of mental bullying you are not alone. Actually, you are the norm, and this “not enough” BELIEF is one that seriously, messes with your reality.

After working with many amazing, brilliant, smart and beautiful women trapped my “not enough” I have had it.

I have had it with this LIE seriously crippling us. Crippling you into bad relationships, crappy jobs, and the downward spiral of “I wish things could get better, if only…” bullshit.  Honestly, you are an amazing co-creator of your reality and it is you and your beliefs that make all the difference.

So if you have been attacked by someone or a series of not so great luck that have consumed you that you are not enough. That you don’t have enough.  That you don’t know enough. That there isn’t enough time, money, love etc. for you.  Then I have a gift for you.

It a 6 day, you matter challenge.

During the days you will learn the common area’s you may give away your power if you don’t believe you are enough to handle it. Then you will learn how to take it back.  I will also invite you to the YOU Matter school of mastery, where you can get access to more tools and ongoing self-love that will keep your self-esteem rising and help you avoid believing this crippling lie ever again.

YOU are ENOUGH!!! YOU MATTER – believe it