Drowning in “not enough”

By Antiqua Lisha 


F@ck it! That is what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t. There was too much to do, but all the pulling and pushing from everyone and everything was starting to wear on me. I mean seriously, I had gained weight (while working out and eating clean), I felt older and was looking older. Something had to give.

The worst part is the ONE person who was getting all the F%ck it results was me, giving up my own time and care and my ship was sinking.

I knew I had to do something to feel better. Winning the lottery and running away to my remote island someplace warm, wasn’t happening fast enough. I didn’t have the TIME to do all the things my education in fitness and wellness had subscribed and I didn’t have the MONEY to invest in more. I needed a system to help me feel like myself again, recharge daily, and get my life back on track.

So with all my know how – I created one! AND it worked wonders, even through crappy times. I took all the habits that had literally saved my life in years past and broke them down into 10 minutes or less powerful practices. I promised myself 10 minutes a day just for me!

It went amazingly well for a while, and then I forgot about it!!

UGGGG! Those good intentions went out the door with all the other well-intended chores on my plate.

I knew I had to step it up.

I then created the YOU Matter daily LOVE YOU series for myself to REMIND me and also give me that FEEL good too -do because the last thing I needed was another thing to remember – the take a break method had already failed me.

Then I realized that all my clients would benefit from this amazing service too. I mean

You’re Worth it!

someone has to think of us and nurture us nurtures. When I began offering it to people they began to feel the LOVE immediately. One client used the LOVE YOU habits to get through a family hardship, one used it to finally release 35lbs that had held her captive for years, and another say’s she loves getting them because it reminds here she can take a break!

That is how the YOU Matter daily LOVE habits began. They began to save my ass from drowning in “not enough’s” and once and for all give my mind a break. Now I just open my email just like you and get my dose of self-love every day. I do what it says, feel better in 10 minutes or less and it is amazing how a little bit of time can bring so much fulfillment.

There is so much more to the YOU Matter school of self-mastery at Your Own University. Masterclasses, a fabulous community, and online and live events.

Try it all out today for $1.00 (risk-free) http://ow.ly/pox430b8aSj