Empath’s are We crazy or do We have Super powers?

By YOU coach – Trica Dycka


As November 2013 rolled in I had totally shut down emotionally, I was burnt out and quite frankly just had enough.  I was just tired.  Little did I know the emotional roller coaster was only about to start.

As an empath I feel emotions, physically, mentally and emotionally now let’s add a new layer, I can actually hear the voices too. A little crazy, you might think, I would have thought so too except it was happening to me.

Yes I thought I was nuttier than a fruitcake.  I initially thought those voices belonged to me and I had a huge internal battle going on. Questioning everything I heard and felt, how could it possibly be mine?

Then I would argue of course it’s mine the alternative was way too scary to think about.


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Overthinking everything I felt heard and saw. I beat it down to the point that it has been pulverized. You know what I mean; it is at a point where there really is nothing left but mush, yet I still tried to over think it all.

Hearing the words describing people’s emotions is a super power. At least in my world.  I can actually hear what is bothering them, not all the time and I do not always know who it is and sometimes I feel it is a collective issue.  I can actually help in several ways. Clearing it, releasing it and just acknowledging it. Super Power!

I am so sensitive to smells, so much so I will walk around covering my nose.  I can smell things that nobody else can smell, freaky right? Nope empath super power.  What does it mean? It just means we can sense things on a different level than other people.  I smell cigar smoke when nobody else can and I know my grandfather is around.  Even though, he passed away when I was 16, I smell the cigars he used to smoke.

Have you ever been bombarded with too much sound? Hearing everything that is going on, even the tiniest pin dropping?  OK That is a slight exaggeration, however how often have you asked did you just hear a knock or someone talking.  Especially when you are by yourself and once again I am sure you let it go to an overactive imagination.  Guess again you are hearing it, you just may not understand what it is.  Another Super Power!

My hubby is a ham operator and has several radios on at once. Sometimes it is just so overwhelming to me because I can feel the emotions coming from those talking on a radio. And it just becomes noise to me. Have you ever listened to a teleseminar, youtube video or webinar and you can actually feel the mass thought process? Super power!

I had purchased a program that had several live calls and the topic was abundance, well can you guess the mindset of some of the people in the program? I would hang up having the life sucked out of me. Now I understand the signs and know I need to hang up the call, leave a group or just spend some time alone to reconnect with myself.

The instant knowing when something is about to happen. My hubby and I went out to a luncheon where there was a raffle drawing.  At the final drawing we had bought several tickets and I took my finger and touched the winning ticket. Twilight zone moment, I just knew.  Super power!

The ability to just meet someone on the street and listen to them as their share their story and know that when they walk away from you they feel the weight of the world has just been lifted from them.  Super power!

Here is what I have learned, you are not crazy, and you have super powers and other gifts as an empath. It makes you more sensitive to what is going on around you, allowing you to be present and understanding others from a place of compassion. Being grateful for being who you are and loving what you bring to the world.

This is an empath, being the healer of everyone around you whether you may know them or not. That is a super power.

Being an empath can be overwhelming and scary at times.  Until the day you become one with who you are then you become a badass empath.

Tricia is an intuitive coach, Reiki Master, bestselling author, teacher, speaker and enthusiast. Tricia’s mission is to help empaths get out of emotional overwhelm, by learning what emotions are really theirs and what belongs to others, then hone those gifts so they can truly follow their dreams. Empaths have so many conflicting emotions, sometimes it is even hard to figure out what they want because for so long they believe their parents or society’s ideas are really theirs. Sign up for her free Empath Power Tools to reclaim your life http://www.triciadycka.com/empath-101-emotions/