Fear vs. Faith: Mom Musings

Fear vs. Faith: Mom Musings

By: Jessica Crouch

What do a cup of tea with a fellow mom, a CD series on confidence, a conversation about fear vs. faith with a mentor, and a book on winning & losing learning have to do with each other? They have all reminded me how many opportunities I have for improvement and the connectedness of all aspects of life (no matter how much I try to compartmentalize J). Although these current opportunities feel overwhelming at times (not to mention the promise of more in the future), I feel empowered knowing “a rising tide raises all boats” – so to speak.


Over a cup of tea, I shared the marital consequences (and general energy drain) of a continued debate over a health decision for our son. When the other mom asked if I prayed about it, I said CONSTANTLY. The conversation drifted to the idea of praying for my husband. Hmm . . . This new (and awkward) idea seemed daunting and promising. What if something this simple could lead to healing in one area of life . . . And therefore, all the other areas – including business?

The CD series touched on everything from giving a positive meaning to facts we previously considered negative to believing our business provides something for others instead of doing something to them to making a “recommendation” at the end of a business conversation. Learning the habit of confidence in business will surely lead to more confidence as a mom, a wife, a friend, a volunteer. What if this confidence gave me the courage to approach my husband about prayer J?


Faith vs. Fear . . . I always strive to live by faith and realize my plethora of fears as I defeat one just to reveal another. Weekly mentoring calls and support group, Bible study, and fellowship keep my mind on faith until I can get my heart to feel it in the tougher situations. What if creating a strong foundation of faith in Bible study each week gave me the confidence to make a business recommendation, despite my fear of what they may think?

Talk about a great habit with universal application: viewing every experience as a “win” or “learn”. A took-longer-than-necessary computer session becomes efficiency training for the future . . . A child who refuses to eat leads to the discovery of a new favorite food . . . A couple’s weekend filled with disappointments and bickering causes you to reflect and discover proactive steps to make all future trips more fun. What if the habit of learning from non-winning experiences raises my energy which starts to attract positive, like-valued people, to my business?


Either I missed these lessons in my business classes, or I hear more clearly now that I actually run businesses. No matter how I got here, I feel encouraged that my businesses, my children, my marriage, my friendships, my faith, and “I” can continually improve with one general path/course of study. What if success, health, and wealth (in all its many forms) could really be this simple?


"If you give a mouse a cookie, . . ." Born in St. Louis, Jessica Crouch attended Catholic schools until she majored in engineering in college – because an interest inventory recommended it. After a change of heart and too many credits to restart, she studied Engineering Management – her first introduction to team projects, presentations, and managing an engineer (i.e. her husband). This added "M.R.S." degree led to the Disney World College program, Iowa, a professional organizing business, a whole new world of natural health & wellness through Shaklee, and a baby. Jessica now has a passion to help other moms who want to live a healthy life, especially staying home with their kids AND working part time from home - without pulling their hair out and still loving their kids J. With Shaklee as her biggest resource she creates healthier lives to empower others to live their dreams & purpose.www.ChooseToImprove.com