Am I going crazy?

Have you ever been in a room full of people and then a friend walks in and you can just feel them, maybe they are upset and putting on an air, and you know it.  

Well, developing this knowingness within yourself is exactly what get’s our Y.O.U. partner Tricia Dycka’s passion peaked. She loves to help people uncover and learn to manage within themselves.

In the beginning of awakening your emathic awareness, everyone and I mean everyone feels a little crazy.  So she is sharing with you and me, in this weeks blog this short little check list to check in with yourself and see if your emathic gifts are awakening in you.

Are you an EMPATH?

Can you say yes to most of the following?

1-Are you super sensitive?

2-Do you easily cry even during commercials or as a sympathy crier?

3-Any kind of horror, mafia or movies that hurt animals or people make you run out of the room?

4-Do you pick up physical symptoms of others especially if they are close to you?

5-Being in malls or large places with lots of people can be overwhelming for you

6-Can pick up others emotions that are physically close to you, via text messages, emails, watching you tube videos, or on a collective basis (ex: full moon)

7-Sense BS a mile away

8-Can tell when people are lying to you or themselves

9-Want to be a peace maker because you cannot handle the arguing OR you feel someone is being picked on

10-Love being outside in nature, almost feel like you are being called to be outside

11-Children and animals love being around you

12-Picking up emotions and taking them on as your own, as if someone flipped a switch and you can go from happy to sad, scared, anxious etc.

13-Can go from 0 to 10 with anger or frustration with no reason behind it

14- People who you do not know feel very comfortable telling you their life story and then actually say “I can’t believe I told you that” or “I just feel the need to tell you”

15-Your solar plexus or heart feels everything

16-Can easily become scattered or distracted especially in places with lots of people.

17-Asking yourself if you are CRAZY?


If you answered yes to most of these questions – then learning to manage your own vibration and mood is essential to feeling awesome day and night.  So Tricia and Antiqua had a little chat about this very thing, and decided to gift it to you.  Here you can LISTEN to an Tricia interviewing our CEO Antiqua about intuition and the different ways you can move negative energy out and bring more peace and confidence into your energetic body.  LISTEN HERE!! 


tricia-dyckaI am a lover of coffee, chocolate, tequila, most things sci fy, being present, my life and most definitely the hubby. I am an intuitive coach, Reiki Master, bestselling author, teacher, speaker and enthusiast My mission in life is to help others understand the emotional roller coaster we all go through as women business owners. That feeling of being alone and nobody understanding is just a thought in your head. Every break down comes before a break through either in your personal or business life. As an intuitive coach I help you in your business as a source of support, helping you deal with doubts and define blocks that keep you from going where you want to go. You are not alone.