Your Guide to Becoming Unmuted in 2015

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Your Guide to Becoming Unmuted in 2015

By YOU partner Sally Mercedes


In 2015, I invite you to become unmuted. No more settling for a life less than the one you require, desire, and deserve. No more whispering, holding back, or staying silent and small. No more wondering if you’re living a life of meaning, a life on purpose.


Becoming unmuted means expressing yourself fully, confidently, and authentically in every area of your life. It means spending your time and money in a way that adds value to your life. It means having a creative outlet, whether it’s your style, art, or business. It means engaging in healthy relationships. It means clearing the clutter of what’s not working in your life and reinvesting in what is. It means putting yourself first so your well is always full to give to others. It means being happy regardless of external circumstances. It means integrating all aspects of yourself into one beautiful whole. It means being awake and engaged. It means coming alive again.


Here are some steps you can take to get started.

1) Begin by asking yourself some questions: Where does your passion lie, what lights you up? What did you love when you were a child? What makes you giddy, happy, alive?

2) Clear your clutter. Anything that feels forced, draining, unfulfilling, complicated, messy, gross, or “meh” has got to go. Whether you rip off the Band-Aid or let it go slowly, start somewhere. End that crappy relationship. Stop working with that annoying client. Cut out every routine that leaves you drained rather than energized.

3) Reinvest in yourself and what you value. All the space you open up by clearing your clutter gives you an opportunity to reinvest in all the things you identified in step 1. Play, explore, have fun. Spend your money on what you love. Spend more time doing what lights you up. Take that dance class. Work with that coach you’ve admired for a year.

4) Celebrate every baby step and every big leap. This might seem trivial; it’s hugely important. Growing can be tough and painful, and celebrating yourself brings ease and joy. It gives you momentum. It gets your subconscious on board and decreases self-sabotage. Have a dance party at every turn, even if you’re dancing alone.


The process is simple enough. The key is to increase your awareness, to gather up your courage (or borrow someone else’s, like a coach), and to get support and accountability.


Some people just get it. They know they’re meant to be, have, do, enjoy, experience more. Others fail to see the value or get caught up in the how. If you’re reading this, it’s because your intuition led you here. Trust yourself and any divine beings you believe in by saying yes to yourself. You’re living your life NOW. Any notion of “I’ll get to that tomorrow, next week, next year” is a dangerous lie. It’s killing you slowly, draining your life of passion, desire, happiness, and joy. That’s what was happening to me until I could no longer ignore all the warning signs and wake-up calls. I hope you make it happen for yourself and make 2015 the year you became unmuted and amped up the real you. Our world needs it.

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