HABITS the myths that keep you stuck…

The BIG myth that keeps you struggling is the popular IDEA, that a habit only takes 21 days to create. 

This idea really is the core of sabotaging lots of really great people (including yourself) creating lifestyles that support them living the life of their dreams.

Here at Your Own University, our motto is when you succeed, we succeed – and the foundation of this happening is all about habits. 

Y.O.U. helps our members separate the old with the truth. 

Science has now proven that we literally absorb HOW to be and WHAT to be from our environment.  This happens primarily when we are kids before the age of 12.  However, have you head the saying you are the average of the 5 people you hang around most?  That is because if you are not actively and consciously creating the life you want to live, you are subject to the life the people around you are living. 

THIS IS GREAT – if you love and agree with how the community around you is living. 

THIS SUCKS – if you don’t agree with and want to get away from the community that is living around you. 

HOW DO YOU CHANGE what you don’t like? 

There are steps to creating the life you truly are meant to live. 

First, it is knowing that YOU matter, you are special and discovering what makes you, you and having the courage to live your way is the biggest gift you can give the world. 

There are a few things we believe here at Y.O.U. 

  1. YOU are unique and your blueprint for your own life is yours alone. 
  2. YOU have the power within you to manifest/create the life you want. 
  3. YOU are not limited by ANYTHING – not your past, your present, your education, your ethnic or genetic pool, your sexuality, your community, your faith, your anything… YOUR biggest gift to the world is YOU discovering and choosing to BE YOU. 
  4. YOU are more than meets the eye – you exist beyond your body, your mind or how you feel.  ALL of which are unique to you. 


You were not taught to live your way.  The world teaches us to live their way and their way is NOT always good for us. 

And how you do you, IS how you do everything. 

At Your Own University, you will discover yourself.  

 ** How does your body want to be feed and moved? 

**  How you think and what thoughts feed your dreams and what thoughts steal from them. 

** How to manage your feelings so you can tune in and manifest exactly what feeds your unique heart. 

** How to tap into your own Source energy to live your purpose. 

** Who you desire to BE in relationships and what kind of relationships you want. 

** How to make great money, live your purpose and feel fabulous about what you’re doing with your time? 


The YOU Matter secrets to YOUR success. 


Daily habits and introspective masterclasses that get you thinking, choosing and activating your values, blueprints, and gifts. 


THE LIE that keeps you stuck is that a habit takes 21 days to create.  If that was the truth then everyone who started to workout Jan. 1st and continued for 3 weeks would still be working out today.  However, studies show that is not the case, more than half of those who succeed to 21 days quit on day 25.  WHY?  Because, 21 days has become a goal and after the goal is reached the habit is formed and habits are thought to happen automatically, like breathing. 

Habits are not automatic or even comfortable. Every day, you choose to brush your teeth – and you are in the habit of brushing your teeth because of morning breath or tooth fuzz. 

A successful person chooses their habits daily – let me share a bit about the secret sauce that makes habits so flipping rewarding. 

#1 – Habits build compounding result = less eventually equal more.  This means you 2 hours work out one day a week and you will feel good and burn more calories that day. But someone who works out for 10 minutes a day every day will boost their metabolism every day giving them more results even with less time.   

#2 – Habits are always chosen – A habit needs a reminder (unlike breathing).  Like the tooth story above.  At Y.O.U. we have LOVE, YOU letters that come to your email box each and every day with a 10-minute power action, to help you remember to choose YOU each and every day.  

#3 – Habits become your lifestyle – If it was easy to put your first then we all would be reaching our goals, health, happy and wealthy – there is plenty of all of that to go around.  Yet, we are not and that is because it takes MUCH longer than 21 days to build a lifestyle. At Y.O.U. we give you daily tools to get rid of the time sucking, money draining life choices that are keeping you stuck and the ones you simply don’t agree with that were passed down to you by your community, family, etc.. and fill up on habits that will easily and effortlessly get you where you want to go. Not for 21 days but FOREVER! 



To create the life of your dreams? 

Live in alignment with your divine blueprint, feeling GREAT each and every day. 

To stop fighting your own greatness and create a lifestyle that supports you? 

To meet other people committed to living their truth and giving the gift of themselves to the world as well? 


Your Own University is your answer –

Create your membership here and get the daily habit emails, masterclasses to clear out the old and step into your new, and join the community of like-minded individuals committed to living their lives fully.