How to be happy and be an Empath

How to be happy and be an Empath

By YOU partner Tricia Dycka

I must say the beginning of 2014 that was the year from hell.  It felt like I got ran over by a bus several times.  There was not a spot on my body, emotionally, mentally or physically that had not gotten run over.  It was a year of self-renewal in so many ways.

If you would have asked me last December, if I could be happy and be an empath I would have told you NO, and the men in white coats were coming to take me away.

In sheer desperation, thinking I was losing my mind, I didn’t tell anyone what was going on with me; I threw my hands up in the air and was ready to give up.  As far as everyone knew, everything was awesome.  Until one day I couldn’t stand myself and I ASKED the universe for help.  Please send me someone who could tell me what was going on.

Well you see I forgot that I ASKED for my gifts to grow.  The universe responded in a resounding YES to that request.  My empath gifts skyrocketed.

Then I had people coming to me helping me to stand back up.

This last year I have realized my own mindset really aides me in being an empath.  Who I am as a person and how happy I am.  You see feeling everyone’s emotions can get to you. Especially if at first you do not realize that what you are feeling is not even yours to begin with.

What did I do? Of course the universe helped me out here.  I asked for a symbol (mine is a bear) to be shown to me whenever the feelings I felt did not belong to me.  For crying out loud I had my own issues I didn’t need to be taking on everyone else’s.

After the symbol was put in place I started breathing again realizing almost all of what was going through me was not mine.  I could again go out and be around people, especially as I love to be around people, being forced into solitude did not suit me.

It was then I realized I kept only getting everyone’s negative emotions.  Well what the hell was this about?  I then realized it was about me as well.  It was how I saw the world and being an empath.

An empath is a world’s healer. How amazing is that? Yes really it is.  There are so many things that affect an empath however if you are happy and love who you are, then the energy flows right thorough you.

How so? You can control what happens to you, everything is energy.  It does not need to take up residence and have a pity party like it did to me.  You can put symbols in place, ASK for lighter energy while be grounded.  Being grounded helps you to remain in your own body and feel your emotions, while releasing all else.

If you realize you are not happy don’t you think it is about time you can find the time to make yourself happy?

Start with small things. ASK questions about what you enjoy doing.  What are you passionate about?  Where do you see your life down the road?

The one idea that keeps me moving when I am scared or overwhelmed is being good to myself, having down time and thinking when I am in my 90’s that I got there enjoying life. Living my life to the fullest and letting the BS excuses roll off my back.

I definitely enjoy being an empath and helping others even more with my gift. So if I can do from a crying mess to being happy I know you can do it as well.   We are all here for a reason but more importantly we are here to have fun and experience our lives.

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