Heal your aching heart

By YOU partner – Denise Dominguez


Wow! How do I express in words what I learned and experienced during my summit?

I will try my best here……My summit is titled Heartache to Happiness-how to find true happiness after divorce.

When I first started contacting speakers for this event I was looking for people that could give some value to the listeners but what I quickly found was that they were giving me value and I them. Connecting with these individuals was heart warming and eye opening to say the least.

My goal for the summit was to reach as many women as possible and to reach out to them and let them know that they were not alone in their journey, where ever that may have been. I’ve been there and I am still learning and growing from my 20 year marriage. I never viewed what I was going through as a journey, I thought….this is life and I have to deal with what I haiphone pics 2014 156ve in the best way possible. But it is my journey and I am doing the best I can and now I am here helping other women. I am part of their journey and WOW that’s amazing right there!! I can help them see the good in what they have been through, I can help them learn and grow and show them what an amazing person they are just the way they are right now! My summit had 21 speakers and each and every one of them brought a great deal of value for us all. Some of them have shared their own divorce stories and how they got through it and made it. Some experts shared how we can meditate and clear out the traumas and drama of our past.

Some experts chose to do an exercise with us during the interview so that we can stop and be in the present moment. Some experts and I are continuing to work together because we made a beautiful connection that is turning into a friendship. This is amazing!!!

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iphone pics 2014 156Originally from South Florida, where she raised her two children, Denise Dominguez is a coach mentor who helps women by having them face their fears and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Denise has a clear vision for seeing the trouble-spots that exist in, every “stuck” situation and the creativity to transform it instantly. She is the creator of Heartache to Happiness summit for extraordinary women who want to live a “kick-ass” life. Through her own struggles and divorce Denise has managed to come out of it with a smiling face and a positive attitude through it all. Denise’s current mission is completing her book titled: Don’t Let the Blonde Hair and Pink Nails fool Ya. I’m smarter and tougher than you think. And launching her telesummit Heartache to Happiness-how to find true happiness after divorce. When Denise is not coaching women she is enjoying family time, cooking, traveling and going to rock concerts.

Learn more about Denise at http://www.denisedominguez.com