Health Makeover from the Inside-Out!

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Health Makeover from the Inside-Out!

By Cristina Cavalieri D’Oro


Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt an extreme sense of gratitude at what you’ve created or excitement about what is to come? That you know for a fact that you’re doing exactly that you’re meant to be doing?  Feeling so totally energetic, confident and sexy in your body?

That’s how I feel right now!

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But it wasn’t always like this…

Growing up health was not a priority, heck it wasn’t even on the radar! My diet was filled with junk food every day and my self-care habits were non-existent.  In my early twenties I still had acne, was suffering from depression and overdosed on my medication, but I still thought this was ‘just the way things are’ instead of looking at what might be the cause.  After, leaving an abusive marriage, I started asking myself questions and making changes.  I changed my eating patterns, my ‘thought’ pattern and most of all I started VALUING myself!  Life started changing in a big way!

Fast forward a couple of years, I’m in a great relationship and I’ve been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters.  Being a mother has completely changed my life, in a good way.  But something started to happen.  I stopped taking care of me.  It was all about taking care of everyone else.  I stopped working-out, caring how I looked and I stopped working on my self-development.  Over the years this made me feel bitter and angry.  This is not the mom I wanted to be.  Basically, I was starting to ‘let myself go.’ This was not the message I wanted to send to my daughters and this was not the woman I wanted to be either!  You see, I had forgotten something really important and really simple. Taking care of ME on a consistent basis is essential.  The better I feel about myself, the more I can give of myself to others.

I turned all this around because I chose to, because I desired to, because I decided to invest in myself!  And because I said YES to myself.  It is the real inspiration and message I want to share with all women to love and accept themselves.  For women to be visible and take on their desires with a burning passion and make it happen!  But what is needed for that is HEALTH, and it wasn’t until I took health and self-care under control that life really started changing. I got more energy, felt more confident, my moods improved and I felt sexy in my body again!

I’m so inspired and love working with moms!

BY first taking charge of your health then everything else is possible, how do I know? Because I’ve been there!  I know firsthand how not feeling your best can affects all the other areas of our lives. How it affects our self-esteem and our health.  We’re not as productive as we can be and our business life suffers as well.  It also affects our family. After all, they learn more from what they see us do as an example and not just from what we say!  That is why my purpose has really become clear.  I really am inspired for women to feel totally awesome in their bodies, loving themselves and embracing their femininity. Not just from the outside but from the inside as well!

It brings me sincere joy to see women being more energetic, confident, and sexy in their bodies all the while living their best life!

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