How entrepreneurs make money.

How entrepreneurs make money.

by Antiqua Lisha 

“I need more money.” Have you ever said that to yourself?  I think at some point in our lives we all have.  However, when you are a business woman (or man) this far too common phrase can keep you up at night wondering how you can create more, serve a larger audience, or simply get through the next week.

Being an entrepreneur is no joke. It takes guts, grit, and a ton of tenacity to stretch your limits and put your dreams on the line.  That said, being an entrepreneur

Photo By Pintrest

Photo By Pintrest

that is creating your own systems, programs, or product lines and takes a level of vulnerability and faith like no other.  You are an inventor, a creator from the very depths of your being and from WHO YOU ARE; you give and serve.  I know as a creator of programs and services myself it takes a lot to continue to put yourself out there and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to the world. You have to develop the skills to stay focused even when things don’t turn out as you planned or desired. Yet, you don’t give up because you have a calling and a purpose.  Even though it may very well be beyond your own understanding it is under your skin.  So how do you keep going when you need more …

As a visibility coach helping people see themselves and be seen by the world.  I have had the honor of working with many amazing people who have been held back in one area of their life usually money, love, or health and what I have learned is that the BIG break you are looking for is within you.  You probably have heard how important it is to know yourself, to discover what makes you unique, to develop the knowledge to keep yourself running on all cylinders.  What you may not know is 90% of all people don’t know what makes them unique and don’t feel great or successful in their lives, even very wealthy people or very famous people.  Many people feel trapped in this “not enough” belief.  It is this self – judgment blocks the flow of good things in their lives, keeps them wanting money, love or better health and stops them from truly grabbing the bull by the horns and thriving.

Are you ready to know the secret to success?

Know yourself.  You are worth knowing.  To know who (Creator) made you to be,  you will discover how to prosper in every area of your life.  No one works the way you work.  You are unique and built like no other so stop comparing yourself to “Joe and Mary” down the street and start discovering what make you tick.  As you do you will begin uncovering the truth from the story; meaning you will find the freedom to form your own beliefs as you discover where you have just gone along with the crowd possibly still are carrying around your mothers or fathers belief that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” This awareness gives you the freedom to shift your perspective and see the humor in this because “money grows on bushes and plants” money is printed on cotton and linen and therefore in the beginning money does grows on little round tree’s we call bushes and the flax plant making the linen. Logically both are much closer to the ground and easier to harvest, than a tree anyway. HA!  Freedom to think for yourself gives you the ability to create a new level of wealth consciousness or love consciousness or health consciousness that fits you perfectly.

Here are 8 powerful thoughts to stand out from the crowd by being who you are.

1)  Look within yourself and decide which of the major areas in your life you want to focus on empowering – wealth, love, or health?

2) Choose to NOT look outside of yourself for any answers, you don’t need fixing or a special formula believe me the most powerful way to upgrade any area of your life is within.  Find coaches, classes and other support to help you ask yourself powerful questions and breakthrough limiting beliefs so you can soar to new heights at – join me next week for a FREE webinar to Rock Your Genius. 

3) Make a list of the qualities that you admire about yourself: your talents, gifts, kindnesses, positive beliefs.  By focusing on what IS working you will get to experience more success immediately.

4) Choose to be empowered by deciding that it is OK, maybe even awesome that you are discovering limiting behaviors and beliefs, because what you don’t see you can’t change.

5) Love baby steps.  In life you are like the solo entrepreneur; you are your own product, your own masterpiece – so up your value.  The difference in Coco Chanel and another well made brand is all in the name. Coco branded herself as herself and valued herself enough to charge more than another brand to create her exclusive luxury brand.  You too can do this in your own life. Decide what and who you desire to be and be it, do it, and value yourself because when you do everyone else will too.  (Start to increase your value today – by registering at Rock Your Genius and receiving our “ Rock your Genius webinar and 30 minutes discovering your genius in a private call with me.”).

6) Look and see where you have let others define you and take back your power.  Choose to define yourself.

7) Start daydreaming about what wealthy looks, feels, and is like FOR YOU.  Do the same for love and health.  What is it like to be healthy?  What is it like to have fabulous relationships?

8) Recognize when you are “shoulding” all over yourself and take back your power by deciding exactly if you agree or not with what you have been told you should be doing, looking like, or making in life.

To keep going it takes determination and dedication and you choosing you every day. To truly be successful in business and in life all you have to do is be you.  To dare to be you is one of the most challenging opportunities we all have.  It doesn’t cost a dime, yet it pays in abundance.  As you grow to know yourself, you can offer all the gifts and blessings that make you, you, to all your loved ones, customers, and people you meet.  You also can effortlessly increase your value and stand in your own genius, the very genius you were created to bring to the world.  Being you eliminates all the competition and allows you to own your own value.

As a coach and business woman I am always striving to bring more value to the world, make a larger impact and help more amazing geniuses realize their full potential.  I believe that this journey we all are on through life is truly a gift from our Creator that is not over until it is “over” and the only true job we have is to master our own self and live our own unique life expression to the best of our ability.  I feel so grateful to get to help people be their best through speaking, writing, and running Your Own University with other amazing empowerment coaches all here to support you and each other to be, live and enjoy the best this life has to offer us. All you need is within you.

We would love to have you as part of our community to see you up your value and success.  Learn more about us!