Living in Divine Purpose and High Vibration

Living in High Vibration and Divine Purpose

An EXCLUSIVE Blog Post by Your Own University COO

Elizabeth Ann Clausen

How many of you have worked through loss? Through pain? Feeling like this is the lowest of lows, and there is no getting out of the depth of pain, darkness and despair? I bet almost all of you, if not all, have lived in this low vibration. 

Living in the frequency blocks your success. It blocks the ability for you to even see the Potential Success that you can manifest for yourself during your lifetime. And in this haze of pain we can forget our Divine Purpose. The whole reason our soul chose to come to Earth and learn, teach and grow

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When we can recognize that we are in that lower vibrational frequency, when we can see our own selves clearly, that helps us formulate a plan to raise up, to rise up and fulfill our highest Purpose. Seeing this ourselves or from our support team is key to bringing us to our Purpose. 

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Living in LOVE, recognizing the connections that we have to other souls, The Universe, Source, God, Prime Creator (all variations of the same Creative Divine Force) brings us to our Highest Truth and Inner Knowing.  When we know ourselves and love ourselves and spread the LOVE to those around us, we create positivity. We create higher energy Vibrations that uplift us and our circle of friends and family. 

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We all would do well to remember that we are creators of our own reality in this 3D holographic Universe. We are powerful manifestors, designing our own versions of Heaven and Hell on Earth. More LOVE, more high vibrations of care and awareness make this reality better for ALL. We came here as RADIANT BEINGS OF LIGHT.  Let us keep and hold the space for the ALL, for the LOVE and be Joyous and full of CARE

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Elizabeth Ann  is the COO of Your Own University. Elizabeth is a fantastic energetic Healer, seer of one’s true self and of the  Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. She is walking her Path to Success. Elizabeth lives in Alaska with her two children.