There Should be a Mandatory Tattoo for all Young Women

There Should be a Mandatory Tattoo for all Young Women

By:  Maria Allyn, MS  


Life is quite an adventure. It’s filled with highs that make you dizzy and lows that make you want to never get out of bed. By the time we’ve hit Midlife, we’ve experienced a lot. As young girls, I think there’s a reason why we rebel when our hormones start racing. The world knows that we have to learn our own life lessons. That can hardly be done if you’re simply following Mom and Dad’s directions. The many “dramas” that I’ve been through during the decades have shaped me into the person I am today. Logically, I know the connection, but I wonder if there could have been a way to take the edge off? Kind of like a glass of wine at a party, an epidural before birth or a set of no-nonsense rules that we learn along with the alphabet and Pledge of Allegiance.


I believe that the following 5 rules should be tattooed on every pre-teens forehead (I know, it may be illegal) and it will provide a foundation for a midlife unencumbered; 


  1. Doing your best is the only way to go. Not only will it open a lot of doors, you will also gain a sense of pride, discipline and accountability.
  1. Don’t ever have sex unless it’s what YOU want. Bullying doesn’t just mean not being able to sit at the popular girl’s table, it can also mean an implied end to a “relationship” if you don’t comply.
  1. Friendships are precious and must be nurtured. If someone is a genuine friend, they will want nothing but the best for you. Real friends are few, acquaintances are a dime a dozen.  
  1. Not everyone will like you, no matter what you do. In fact, the more you try to force it, the more they'll dislike you. Don't waste your time courting frenemies. Save your energy for those who have earned it.
  1. Nothing stays the same. When you feel that your world is falling apart and you just want the pain to end, know that if you hang in there for 24 hours it will change. Things work out.   



Midlifers, if you see a young woman struggling, reach out. We've been there. We have the life experience to share. Not only will it help take a little time off of their learning curve, it will leave you knowing that you have done your part . Man, if I'd known these rules before I hit midlife, I'd be even more of a force to be reckoned with. =)



"Not every answer of Life is found in books. Life is the greatest teacher, It educates by experience and examples."

                                                                                                                                                                                -Malika E Nura


Maria Allyn - Untitled design.jpgc (1)Maria is a life coach who works with midlife women who are feeling stuck, afraid and can't seem to find a way to move forward. She partners with these women to find meaning and purpose during this transformative stage in their lives. She ’s created a program, "Midlife Mastery", that eases the struggle of midlife. After suffering for years herself, she decided to take control and find a way to be her own life strategic planner. This program was born through those discoveries. She is a happily married mother of three feisty girls and loves the satisfaction of coaching. She received her master's degree in Organizational Development and Leadership Coaching from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic. She is often referred to as the Midlife Master and has a thriving virtual private practice.    Maria Allyn, MS